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    Great news, Rose! Thanks for sharing!
    Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.


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      Yes Rose, Thank you for your response.

      Best wishes,


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        Originally posted by Rebecca Petris View Post
        DryEyeShop ships to UK and everywhere. It has a mild preservative. It's not thin like Refresh Plus, but not terribly thick either. It is of more benefit as a longer term treatment than a quick-relief artificial tear.

        You can also get a related product in the UK which is sold there under the name Clinitas Ultra 3 - may be more convenient for you to go that route. Google it and you should be able to find an online supplier in the UK. I'm not sure about availability at the chemists.
        thank you for the info took me ages to navigate my way back to this thread as i couldn't remember where i'd posted the question!

        from what you say, it's one of the hyaluronate bunch, isn't it?


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          I have been using Dwelle exclusively since Jan. 08, and using Dr Latkany's eye spa / gentile scrub routine, and swear by them.(also humidifiers at home and onion goggles at night due to CPAP. But I shudder to think about the possibility of not having Dwelle. It took months of exclusive use to slowly realize what an impact Dwelle had, but it continues to get better and better. In some of Dr Holly's threads I believe it was said that the preservative was beneficial to the eye surface, increasing the wettability of the eye surface. --My problem was mgd, blocked mg's & long time usage of contacts, so also went back to glasses.


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            First Night with Dwelle

            I just got a bottle of Dwelle yesterday, after reading Rebecca's advice and that of so many of you on here. I tried it last night, and I LOVED it. It's only my first night, so I'm going to continue this Dwelle experiment, but I can tell you my first night with Dwelle felt wonderfully free. I felt almost normal again...not having to put thick ointments or gel in my eyes. And waking up with some crusting on my lashes--I'll take that any day over waking up with oily residue halfway down my cheeks.


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              I think I might try the Dwelle. what have i got to lose lol


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                I just got my order from the Dry Eye Shop and started using
                Dwelle a few days ago. Up till then I tried em' all and
                the best I found was Optive.

                When using it in combination with the rice baggy and lid
                therapy, I've seen at least a 50% improvement in my vison.

                I've found that dryness makes my vision foggy and I feel at
                times like theres a ring of it around my eyes. I've also
                had a retinal detachement and several bouts of Iritus, so
                I have to take a light steriod also.

                From what i've used so far, I'm happy with these drops.

                My Story
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