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    New Eye Drops are advertising ROHTO eye drops for sale. There are dry eye singles (20 x 0.4) which contain no preservatives and dry eye bottles (10 ml) which do contain the preservative Benzalkonium Chloride. The key lubricants are 0.2 Hyaluronic Acid and Tamarind Seed Polysaccaride. It states that the bottle cannot be used with contact lenses but the vials can.


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      Hi all....

      Back to the "in the doctors office" meibomian gland expression part of this discussion...

      I do home compresses regularly. But I have some clogging in my glands that I think would benifit from a good expressing by a doctor in the manner you describe.

      My problem is that I can't find a doctor who does this. I want one who does this fairly regularly and has lots of experience....using the paddle type device on the back of the eyelid while pressing hard.

      How can I find a doctor who does this? I live in the northern Virginia area....and I'm willing to travel a reasonable distance.



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        Why not do your own ?
        It is,nt rocket science ---
        After heating and massage I go along each lid pressing the lid between my finger and thumb (make sure your hands are really well washed and your finger nails short) It takes about 10 seconds each lid
        You have to press on either side of the lid so you need to pull it slightly off the eyeball
        The beauty of doing your own is you can use as little or as much pressure as you like and can do it daily as i do

        I took to doing this after i developed a cyst (chalazion) in one of my glands
        I knew a cyst is filled with fluid so i used pressure to express the oil out.I also used antibiotic ointment and it was gone in a week
        I have done this pressure thing ever since I suppose I wanted to prevent any further cysts from developing but it also keeps the tiny ducts from blocking


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          I had a go doing that - in the way you describe - but I didn't manage it at all.

          Out of interest, how often do you do this i.e. once a week /month?


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            I make it part of my daily routine -- before bed
            I wonder were you trying to go too deep
            I just press on the eyelid margin between finger and thumb-- the thumb goes on the inside and finger outside Start near your nose and press along the lid moving towards the ear


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              Rhoto Drops

              There is an article in today's online Daily Mail in the Health Section under the heading "Exotic fruit leaves sufferers without a dry-eye in sight" which makes interesting reading. The drops will be going on sale in Pharmacies from Saturday.


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                Thanks for all this info - here's the article link - sounds promising