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im using raw honey and im feel better

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  • im using raw honey and im feel better

    Last night for the first time I had stringy mucus....wouldnt stop, my girlfriend uses honey for her infections so i smeared some along my lid margins...stung a little bit and the strings stoppedforming after 2 hours of constant mucus ...smeared some more for up and smeared some day my eyes fell fairly good...hmmm so i took a bath, expressed my lids which makes them really red and decide to slather more honey on. Well an hour later my lid margins are the lightest pink I have seen them...I m also pain free and wearing no dont know how or why but I am so far loving honey! I just ordered some honey eye drops from a company...I will write to see if they work or not...honey is a little sticky, but I just wipe the excess off and leave the rest. I will wear my goggles out over my shiney eyes and I dont think anyone will know...any takers on wanting to try this? does sting at first...close your eyes and your tears will help push it out to your lid margins. Also goodle honey for your eyes and it seems to be a proven safe natural medicine. who knew....?

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    that is very interesting....please keep us posted; so glad it works for you!


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      day 2 wearing honey on my eye lid margins

      I havent had to wear my goggles all day nor put any drops in ....nothing all day on day 2 wearing my raw honey...I feel like a new woman totally! Just two days ago I was telling my mom that I felt I truely couldnt work anymore...and might have to retire and buy a smaller though...i can conquer the world!


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        Good days are such a blessing no matter what the cause. I wish you many more of them! Will be keen to see how things progress for you.
        Rebecca Petris
        The Dry Eye Foundation


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          Thanks Rebecca

          I dont know how this is happening...but I am not going to question almost bedtime and Im actually excited to wake up tomorrow and see how Im doing. In three years I have never had as good as days like this and having 3 in a row...will be a nice reprieve. If someone wants to try it but is scared...just do one eye....or one spot....and sleep with it...and see how it is in the morning....with all the stuff I have put in my eyes from the docs...whats a little honey anyway? lol


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            honey reduced inflamation where I have hit oil!

            okay on to day three...Still no lid pain...still using a honey on my eye margins. My lid margins are still a light pink still. The inflamation is down. I expressed my lids and i have clean running oil in them! I get it now...they were blocked because of the if you get that down..Wallah...they start working again! I feel like a scientist on the verge of a new invention!


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              Hi Regina
              Delighted you have found your solution !
              Is it manuka honey you use ?


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                no..but I ordered some today...

                Originally posted by stella View Post
                Hi Regina
                Delighted you have found your solution !
                Is it manuka honey you use ?
                Thats funny you asked me that because I just ordered some today...I have been using my table honey! go figure! I am praying this is what in store for my future with my dry eyes...honey is a lot less expensive than all the things I have been doing!


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                  what kind of honey do u use?


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                    tomorrow will be a week since starting the honey on my eye lid margins...I am still pain free on my lids as long as i continue using the honey...and my oil glands are actually working after two more plugging up daily! Showing my eye doc today..Going to have him expressed my glands like he does weekly for me...but hopefully going to show him...they are all open!


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                      doc joked I should win the nobel peace prize...haha

                      Just got back from the eye doctor...I told him about using honey on my eye lid margins...He shook his head and laughed...but he took a look at my eye under the slit lamp...and said WOW..your eye lids are smooth and not inflamed...and just lightly pushing them brought up oil...didnt have to squeeze or nothing! He was more than surprised and said "who woulda thunk?" haha...

                      so Now we will work on getting the edema out of my cornea...and work on the redness. he gave me some allergy drops for it and so I am going to test those for a week....

                      The pain is gone...happy days!


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                        I might not be remembering this correctly but... don't some people take honey for allergies? You have to use your local honey. The benefit has to do with honey containing all the local pollens and allergens collected by bees and concentrated in honey. I think you can even just buy the "honey allergens" alone. It's like having allergy shots.

                        So, it might be that your eyes are suffering from allergies.


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                          honey and allergies

                          I have been tested for allergies and I have none...honey also has a anti inflamatory and healing properties. After reading about honey i have started my child on honey for her allergies! What the cant hurt.

                          Honey seems to reduce my inflamation on my lids...and lets my oil glands work for the first time in years....

                          I could be the only one that this works for ...but im sure there could be others and that is why i keep posting this...I would love one other person with stinging lids to try this...and tell me whether it helped them or not...someone try this for their stinging lids...and get back to me...please! Im trying to help I said I cant possibly be the only one!


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                            What a cool thread.

                            Regina - so glad for you.

                            I remember at some point reading a study where they used honey for dry eye and got good results. I am too lazy to search for it now...I think it was a german study?

                            As we all know by now, because there is no big honey conglomerate funding honey - dry eye studies, it is up to us to experiment, cautiously and wisely however, with alternative treatments. Thanks for taking the honey plunge on this one Regina. Has anyone else found that this works?



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                              This is a good thread. I'm glad to see people experimenting with new things. that's how discoveries are made. I've read extensively about Raw honey used in wound healing. according to studies, it speeds wound healing. Raw unfiltered honey actually has Hydrogen Peroxide in it, a powerful antimicrobial compound. It's basically highly reactive oxygen.. in wounds it keeps microbes away, speeding healing time, and also reduces scaring... They've also seen White sugar mixed with something else, put on wounds, somehow it increases the ammount of white blood cells, which are the immune cells at the sight of the wound...interesting stuff..that's for sure, it like stimulates the immune system somehow, they didn't know why that was however..

                              Raw unfiltered honey would probably be best used in this situation i think.