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lacriserts bother eyes when too dry??

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  • lacriserts bother eyes when too dry??

    i have noticed lately that my lacriserts seem to bother me on some days especially when i am very dry.. I am not sure if it due to allergies or just the extreme dry days of sjogrens.. some days they help so much i feel pretty good and can over-tear..other days i am taking the lacriserts out and my eyes feel better when they are out!

    does anyone else experience this? i would love to hear any other experiences...thanks!

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    Hi Jenny...

    Yes, my eyes are almost always too dry for the Lacriserts now. Even though I add drops before inserting them, and shortly after, there still aren't enough tears/liquid to dissolve them so they can help. They just feel really irritating most of the time.


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      ok.. well they seem to help me greatly for about 6 hours or so... and then my eyes are too dry like you said and it just feels like somethig is irritating them. when i have a "good " day... they help tremendously and i overtear,... thanks for responding...


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        My experience was similar... if my eyes were overly dry, the Lacriserts would make things worse.

        On days that my eyes were less dry, the Lacriserts made the day even better!
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