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Refresh endura = Dry eye therapy

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  • Refresh endura = Dry eye therapy

    I never used Endura, but read great things about it. Can anyone tell me how it feels? Does it crust? Systane is thick and I think I used 2-3 drops b4 bed and when I woke up it crusted (YUCKY). I really hate that. I'm hoping Endura (now Dry eye therapy) won't do that since I read that it has MINERAL OIL in it. Let me know about your endura (dry eye therapy) experiences b4 I run out and buy in at Rite Aid. I did see some boxes in there just the other day, but don't want to waste money on something that is exactly the same thing as systane. THANKS

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    I really like this drop. It is light, and it stings a little at times, but overall it did not blur me for long and seems to give my eyes a lasting break.



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      Hey Liz,

      that sounds good! Did the endura leave any big crust residue when you used it? I'd imagine it feel good b/c of the oil in it.



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        Hi, Marc.

        No, there was no residue that I noticed. With as dry as my eyes are, I imagine that they slurped up every molecule of moisture they could get.

        Also, keep a lookout for Dry Eye Therapy in single vials. I found a box at my local, independently owned pharmacy.

        Good luck,


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          seems like I'm gonna have to try I went to that Rite aid and 2 CVS stores and they don't have it. I could have sworn i saw it b4 I went on vacation! Must be that great a drop i guess!


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            I used to love Endura drops too and when I couldn't find them anymore I had to swtich to Soothe. I prefer the single-dose vials though. I have not seen the new version in single-dose's anywhere around here. All I can find is the bottle of "dry eye therapy". I just checked and they aren't available anymore. So if anyone finds them - please let us all know where.


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              Ingles grocery stores in Georgia have it. This is the only place I have seen it.


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                got some the other day, they are suppose to be good for 24hrs... only tried them the one time, eyes stung so I went back to refresh plus.

                May give them another try.


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                  Originally posted by Aaron77 View Post
                  got some the other day, they are suppose to be good for 24hrs... only tried them the one time, eyes stung so I went back to refresh plus.

                  May give them another try.
                  Kept using this stuff in the evening and in the morning and I think it extents the time I can go between the refresh plus. Think I've been pushing the time between my refresh drops a bit too much though as the eyes sometimes feel really really crappy without the refresh, I hate always having to put them in though. Dropping sucks!


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                    I also find they give me a bit of a funny taste in my mouth after using them. The lower tear ducts are plugged so I guess the upper tear ducts are still draining a lot of fluid.

                    I feel like pushing it to the end of the day before using the Refresh Plus but I think I'm going to break down soon, its been about 6hrs since I used the Endura.


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                      Is Refresh Dry Eye Therapy Sensitive Really Avail?

                      I used Endura and then Drye Eye Therapy Sensative (Preservative Free, single use vials) until they took it off the market around 12/08.

                      It sounds like some of you have found it -- check the expiration on the boxes you bought, please and let us know if they appear to be new runs --- as in the product is back on the market!!!!! Or were they left over supplies that will expire in the near future?

                      It was a great product and the only one I found that gave me relief so I would love to hear it is back.


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                        I got the refresh endura here in Alberta Canada about 4 weeks ago, says it comes from Waco Texas. I have to go get some more drops tonight so I'll check the box. I hate drops and the fact that I have to use them!


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                          Originally posted by Bunny View Post
                          check the expiration on the boxes
                          just got some with an expiration date of May 2010.

                          I figure you should be able to find some more info over the internet on this stuff.