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new ? on progesterone/testosterone vs. testoterone drops only..thanks!!! :)

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    Ah, I see. That's actually a very good question and I will try to find out more about just what this opthalmic solution is composed of. I very much doubt that whatever it is though, would have provided the same effect sans the testosterone. I say this because I have tried nearly every kind of drop out there prior to this, including most of the preservative free salines, the ointments, the gels, and the usual suspects like Systane, Genteal, Refresh, Optive, Soothe, Theratears, Tears Naturale, Freshkote, Similasan, Castor Oil, etc...

    Your question about why drops would be more effective than the cream is also a good one. When I specifically asked Sullivan about this last month, he told me to definitely go with the drop as opposed to the cream - and this was also confirmed by Panzer. Why exactly they might be considered more effective than the cream though is something I can not answer, and can only guess that perhaps the application of the cream to the lids and skin surrounding the eyes had proven to have too many potential side effects. Perhaps some other members who have tried, or are still using the cream can comment?

    Day 3 now though and my eyes are still feeling pretty damn good...


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      Just to follow-up on spmcc's question: the opthalmic solution in question (the base solution that the testosterone drops are compounded in at Leiter's) is a cellulose gum - which apparently is also prescribed on its own for dry eye patients. I am going to try it on its own, and compare the effects of it vs. the testosterone drops that I have been using - which use it as the base. I will report back once I have been able to try them as well.

      I also learned that Leiter's is one of the only pharmacies that offers the testosterone drops in a preservative-free version. Most of the other pharmacies that compound these (there are actually only a handful that I know of) use BAK as the preservative


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        Another follow-up on the cellulose gum base/vehicle solution used by Leiter's when they compound the testosterone drops: I have now tried the cellulose gum on its own (an opthalmic solution), and while it's soothing to some extent, its effect is short lived, and like some other viscous drops of its kind (Genteal Severe Dry Eye Gel for one) it actually tends to make my eyes a little drier after the initial relief has worn off. So, in summary, it must be the testosterone itself (0.03% preservative-free formulation) that is what's providing me the most long term relief. I will continue to use it, but it's not exactly cheap at $90 per 10ml. Seeing as it does indeed help me more than any other drop, I suppose this is a small price to pay. I find it most effective to do a localized warm compress (small rice stockings the size of my eye sockets) first, then apply 1 drop in each eye and keep them closed for a few minutes. Anyone else here currently using these drops?