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Foreign body sensation with plugs

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  • Foreign body sensation with plugs


    I am asking this mainly because I cannot seem to find any definitive answer on the Internet.

    I had two permanent punctal plugs placed in my lowers two days ago. The procedure was fine and uneventful. Yet, as soon as the anaesthetic wore off, I began to feel a foreign body sensation whenever I looked peripherally to the right or left. Specifically, I would feel it as soon as my punctum would be over the iris in my eye; if it's over the scleral (white part) of my eye, I don't feel anything.

    Normally this is ok, but in those times when I do look far left or right - such as changing lanes when driving or looking over my shoulder otherwise - I feel it.

    My opthamologist advised me to wait a few days and see how I tolerate it, and see if my eyes get used to it. I am totally fine with that recommendation, and reassured knowing these are permanents that I can see and remove if need be.

    I remember when I first used to wear contact lenses, it took me days to get used to the feeling. Should I expect a similar path with plugs? Nowhere does it say something like "getting used to plugs can take x number of days/weeks". I just want to ensure that this feeling will go away; if it's always going to be there, then I may have to re-evaluate the use of plugs (even though I do feel good with them - I feel more tears being kept in my eyes).

    Thoughts are welcome, thanks!