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I'm having an eye operation on Tuesday

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  • I'm having an eye operation on Tuesday

    Hey everybody,

    so I'm finally having my eye operation in Tuesday. I'll get rid of my "net" of blood vessels in my left eye. They have been there before the dry eye started and since my eyes got dry they fill with so much blood that they cause pressure pain. I finally found a doctor (with a good reputation) in the south of Germany who agrees with me that this "net" of vessels doesn't have anything to do with my dry eyes so I'm getting them removed on Tuesday. He said these vessels could be a kind of liver spot that occured on the conjunctiva. They will cut them out - this sounds scary and I'm really afraid of it. According to the doctor there aren't any risk (well,theoretically you could get an infection but I'll get antibiotic drops). He says there won't even be a scar left because the conjunctiva is very elastic. They are going to stitch it...wooohoo, to be honest I'm not sure whether this is the best thing I have ever done in my life or the worst. This net causes most of my pain and in addition it looks horrible. I've had the offer for that operation for a year now and I'm just so unsatisfied with my life because my eyes hurt so much that I just have to take that chance. I hope things will be better afterwards. I know that my dry eye is still going to be dry but less pain would increase my life quality. Anyway, I know that my eye will be red and blue for about 1-2 weeks but the doctor promised me that after that my eye will look better.
    So, wish me luck...I'm so afraid things will be worse after all but of course there is the chance of improvement...

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    My best to you, Stephgurl. You are very brave. I hope the surgery does what you need it to do.

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      wish you the best with this, agree it's brave and I hope you will have a perfect result. Keep us posted how it goes.
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        Let us know how it goes and I will be praying for you. It sounds scary to me but if it gets rid of the worst of your pain, that will certainly be worth it. Isn't it amazing the things they can do now?


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          Nothing to add except good luck with the operation
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            Best of luck

            wishing you the best of luck with the surgery, may it be the answer to your problems.

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              Just wanted to post a further information: it only takes 10 mins....I mean 10mins is not very long and I'm so afraid...I wonder how I should keep my eyes open for that long...


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                Eyes open

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                If life is a bowl of cherries, then why I am I stuck in the pits!


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                  I've pondered this same notion many times as I look back on the 20 minutes of my LASIK surgery. Some guy came at my eye with a blade and a laser. How did I lay there so nice through that?!!!

                  Stephgurl, you'll manage just fine.

                  Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.


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                    I had my right eye sclera operated on 20 years ago, and the doctor had to remove a "funny" place on the surface (not like yours, which are vessels). Anyway, I was pretty nervous. They anesthetize your eye and hold it open with some 'device'. You couldn't close your eye if you tried. The operation took less than 10 minutes.

                    I am most grateful to that the doctor----he realized I was nervous, and after he was done, he took my hand, and just held it for a moment, reassuring me. I wonder if nowadays, they would give a patient a small amount of Versid---you know that sedative that lets you forget the whole thing, even though you're awake for it.

                    Good luck, and try not to worry---the eyes heal really fast, and it's not your cornea, so it shouldn't be that painful.



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                      Just wanted to wish you good luck - I hope everything goes perfectly for you.



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                        Stephgurl - best of luck in your upcoming surgery. You'll do just fine. Lucy
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                          Thank you for your kind words. I'm so excited!!! I'll keep you updated! :-)


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                            Stephgurl --

                            Same, same, best wishes as the previous posters have said . . . I was about to write that I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, but I think that's the English/American good-luck wish signal. I'm pretty sure that in German I'm supposed to say something like "Ich halte Ihnen den Daumen" -- so I'll be holding both of my thumbs for you on Tuesday. Alles Gute!


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                              So, I'm back from the surgery now. According to the doc everything went fine...well, it was kind of disgusting because I actually saw him doing all this stuff to my eyes. Anyway, I have a bandage right now. I'll get rid of it tomorrow. The strings in my eye hurt so much and I'm quite afraid to see my eye tomorrow because it will be red, blue and swollen for about 2 weeks. I can hardly type this because I have to avoind moving me eyes around. Just wanted to let you know that the surgery went fine.
                              And I still pray that this was the right thing to do...