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2 Month followup with cornea specialist.....

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    No worries. I did edit my original response as I thought it was too harsh, but not before you quoted it! Everyone on here has major dry eye issues and I really hope you can find the help you need. As FG says we're in this together and people who reply to your thread are only trying to help.


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      Hey Vivian, please don't take anyone's posts as criticism for being worried about how dry eye is affecting your appearance. It's normal to dwell on that for a time, and I think most of us have gone through it.

      Anyhow, for what it's worth, when my eyes were at their worst, I had to force myself to ignore my appearance - I went from a girl who wore makeup religiously, to never wearing any, having dark circles under my eyes now exposed for all the world to see, plus red eyes all the time - I totally get that it sucks. To get around that, I just chose to never look in the mirror unless I knew it was under flattering lighting conditions haha... sounds stupid probably, but it helped.

      Luckily, as I found things that helped my eyes to function better, the redness improved also - I can now go out under even flourescent lighting and, on a good eye day, my eyes will appear pretty much normal. Very cool since a few years ago that would never, ever, happen. So, keep on looking for treatments that will help your eyes heal over the long term - I bet as your tear function improves, the appearance of your eyes will improve right along with it. It may very well take a long time, but in the big scheme of your life, it's a blip... so try to take a long term view and ignore the now as best you can.

      Yet another post-Lasik (2005)...
      Anyone have a time machine so I can go back and undo this mess?


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        ello everyone, I'm an Italian patient in venice, here we are not talking about these issues, I would like to know if among you there are people who are positive Schirmer test. I am completely without tears and aqsciutto, I use the drops, and my eyes are fine, I noticed that at intervals of 1 month my Western are full of sand, and I also see how if I had a white veil in front, I do inpacchi of fresh water for relief, sometimes I take off my eyeballs so I ended up suffering, many of you were subjected to the treatment of lipoflow? and if it works in cases like me, I hope to dear friends, thank you all
        mooris sos


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          Originally posted by bakunin View Post
          We know what you mean. I think we all feel the same.

          I got a flu this week and yesterday and today my eyes are really good, almost normal.. no burning feeling, even under AC. I wish science could explain that. Probably if scientists understood what happens to my eyes when my throat is inflammed I would have a solution to my dry eyes symptoms.
          Sorry to change tac, but this is interesting. I had the flu last week, well man flu is probably more accurate, even so I was streaming from my nose but my eyes were feeling the best they have for months! Short lived as now fine and eyes back to 'normal'. So, either the cold virus itself improved the eyes, having a streaming cold took my mind off my eyes, or the medications, paracetamol, anti-congestants somehow improved my eyes. I wonder if anyone else has bad similar experiences


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            Originally posted by villfan22 View Post
            I had the flu last week... but my eyes were feeling the best they have for months! ...I wonder if anyone else has bad similar experiences
            Oh yeah. There's a gazillion posts like this from over the years. It's probably a combination of factors but personally I bet the increase in mucous when you're sick makes a big difference to comfort.
            Rebecca Petris
            The Dry Eye Foundation


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              Vivian, I sent you a PM.


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                Thank you all,
                I'm sorry I went off like that. All I can say is that frustration can make you say things that come out wrong or rude!

                All I really want is to get to a place in the situation where I'm more comfortable....Self-concous wise, pain wise, drop wise...EVERYTHING-wise really! It's taken a toll on my schooling...I am a straight A student...and this semester may be the first semster I don't get all A's b/c I'm in so much pain and the dryness is at its worst late at night, which is the only time i can study ( I work a full time job as well during the day). I just want a more comfortable life.

                And No Tears in ATL, I got your PM! Thank you! I will respond to it soon, I am trying to get a bit of studying done before my poor eyes give up on me for the night.