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Temporary Blepharitis relief (it's worth a shot)

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  • Temporary Blepharitis relief (it's worth a shot)

    I'll try to keep this short and sweet. I am a looooooong time sufferer of blepharitis a.k.a the black eye plague. Over the years I have visited eye doctors and have tried many OTC items as well as prescribed. None really worked. One of my big issues was dry eyes and dry eyelids that came with blepharitis. Below is my latest "procedure" if you will and has provided more relief in the last month than I can remember:

    - The the morning I use a warm wash cloth and wipe my eyes. I also briefly put warmth under my eyelids. I believe this helps loosen the oils.
    - I take an Omega 3 supplement. I use the all natural pills as I feel this will be long term ( i have read it can take the body up to 30 days to fully absorb the oil before it starts making a difference)
    - I use acuvue one-day contact and throw them out after every use. I used to push them to two days but it was very uncomfortable
    - At night, it starts in the shower. After I'm done, I let the warm water run over my closed eyes for a few minutes. Then I pull the eyelids tight and run my finger over the very edge of each eyelid where the eyelashes comes out. I do this twice for both upper and lower eye lids in attempt to bring the oils out from the eyelid.
    - After the shower, I mix 1 part pure Tea Tree Essential Oil to 3 parts Jojoba Oil in a dropper. I put three drops on the tip of a q-tip and run it along the edge of my lower eyelid where the hair starts (making sure I don't get any in the eye) I make two passes, then run it over the top. Then I run the q-tip around my eye to help with the dryness of the skin. Rinse and repeat for the other side.

    That is it - that is all I do. I feel the essential oil is playing a big part in the relief. I have tried different mixtures and they just seemed to make things worse. I am a red head and have very sensitive skin so if this works for me, it should work for almost anyone. My own personal belief is that the oil is pure and not in a commercially prepared pad that has so many toxins. I also threw away the moisturizing eyedrops and I this only gave me relief for about 10 minutes. Again, I feel my dry eyes were due to dry eyelids. I tried putting different lubrications on my eyelids to moisturize them and it only ended in further eye irritation.

    My flare ups happen during the winter time. It is mid december in Wyoming where the wind has blown 60+ mph for a week straight and my eyes are still moist. It took about a week before I noticed a change. I will continue to do this until something changes but thought I would throw this out to anyone that has tried everything.

    I am no longer a fan of commercial products and feel this can be beat with natural items.

    Good luck and God bless!!