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Mixed blepharitis and red veiny eyes

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  • Mixed blepharitis and red veiny eyes

    Hi im hoping domeone on here can help me futhur.
    I have been suffering from mixed bleph for 10 months now, my eyelids are swollen often and red and my eyes themselves..... well they look like devil eyes, this is the thing that bothers me the most. I have come some way and the vurning has decreased considerably but would like too know what helped you all especially the redness.
    My current regime is:
    Cool compress am and clean with cliradex
    Omega 3 and 7 , tumeric , nac and vit c
    Evebing warm cimpress and massage.
    I dont know what caused my blwph i used to be a ckntact lense wearer so maybe that but i cant be 100 per cent certain.
    Also has ipl helped anyone?
    Some days i feel so damn down with this condition x