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Severe red eyes

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  • Severe red eyes

    After years of treatment for dry eye with just about everything including autologous serum eye drops which did nothing (and now seeing the top specialist in my area), I have had a series of challenges with conjunctivitis, treated most recently with an antibiotic drop combined with a steroid. A week or so later, the red eye returns, but not always with the symptom of discharge/infection. My eyes are so sensitive from the dry eye, anything seems to set off the redness. I was using Xiidra successfully for awhile, but was told to stop using it when my eyes become very red or infected. My eyes are blood red, terrible, stinging and painful at times. I also have many allergies, receive allergy shots, and live in an area of the country prone to high allergen counts. Oral antihistamines can be contraindicated for someone with dry eye, and I have tried both ways, using the antihistamine and not using it. I am avoiding leaving the house most of the time, due to the extreme redness, and this has really affected my life. I use a compounded drop, approved by my doctor, that safely removes most of the redness, but it only lasts a few hours and I use it sparingly, only when I absolutely need to go out and look normal. I am hoping that someone here can offer some tips for a different type of treatment, based on similar experiences.

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    I dont the have same experience. However, it is worth to try effective/safe lid cleanser with pure HOCI, like Aveonva.
    The beauty of it is: it does not generate bacterial resistance like antibiotic, according to doctors.
    It helps me greatly even I do have inflammation issues. I guess it helps me retain healthy glands, lids and tear film.
    I think it is critical to control these to avoid drops, antibiotics etc.
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      Thank you, MGD1701, I will look into that!


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        Hi DH
        If you have MGD and inflammation, increase omega 3 helps, avoid sugar, processed food. Good to learn more on how diet can improve these. I did omeg 3, 6 blood tests and found out my level are almost double than normal.

        The pure HOCI lid cleanser I have found and been using is NatraSan First Aid Spray made in UK as I can not get Avenova nor other brands. More details please read below, best to consult your doctors.

        MGD is complicated but now my condition is pretty good for nearly 1 month, after trying this and that.
        Good to know your condition well/precisely so you can deal with them more effectively.
        Just keep learning/exporing new things. You can make it too. Good luck!
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