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26 year old with MGD due to eyelid inflammation

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    I took amoxicillin for 2 weeks. Got eyelid inflammation/rash a few days after ending antibiotics. This started the dry eye

    I used tacrolimus for about a month as an ointment on my eyelids.


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      Hi DryinNYC, I was wondering how the diet is going? Have you experienced any improvement?


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        Hey there-

        In the first three weeks of the diet, I thought I was making a little progress. Then my naturopath added in a bunch of detox supplements and a pro/prebiotic. Things got worse, but I thought maybe it was just the detoxing. However, I went away for a few days and wasn't able to take the pro/prebiotic and I got a little better. Things got worse again when I returned home and began taking the pro/prebiotic again. So my issue is definitely bacteria related.

        im about to be tested for SIBO and am set to start an herbal antibiotic round to kill off the overgrowth of pseudomonas in my intestines. I'll let you know how that goes

        What I would give to have my normal life back


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          Hi DryinNYC
          Thanks for sharing. I find your case is special. Just curious,
          1) such bacteria is accmulated over a long period of time?
          2) apart from dry eye, do you have other discomforts/signs, such as headache, problem in sleep, join pains??
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            Your gut houses trillions of bacteria. However taking antibiotics (which is what I did) can disrupt the flora and allow certain strains of bacteria to overgrow. This can lead to rosacea, which is what happened to me.

            I have a little trouble falling asleep, but otherwise nothing.


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              Thanks for your quick reply.
              After all these, you gain great knowledge.
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                Update: no progress thus far.

                Got tested for SIBO, awaiting results.

                Im now taking herbal antibiotics (oil of oregano) for the dysbiosis. I'm also eating sauerkraut and kefir daily to replenish with good bacteria. I'm also making bone broth to help heal leaky gut.

                Ill update in a few weeks.