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Dry eye problems are back

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  • Dry eye problems are back

    Hi guys

    this is my first post in many years. I first had my dry eye problems in 2010 after prolonged use of computers

    for those questioning If there is a cure or if it can be manageable, yes it can. But it's going to take time Slowly I recovered from my dry eye issues step by step until for the last 4-5 years I felt I kind of had a life back

    however in the last 5-6 months, due to prolonged computer usage at work and late nights because of my New born, I am back at a dark place again. Only dry eye sufferers can understand how debilitating it can be at times

    the burning, stinging sensation is back especially when I use my computer at work. Also, I have this full aching sensation at my eye brow area that can become a splitting headache at times especially if there is sunlight.

    Does anyone know why I get the headache and aching sensation? Is it eye strain? Photophobia?

    These are the the things I am doing
    - restasis 2x a day
    - omega 3 Nordic ultimate omega 4 capsules a day
    - blink pf eye drops
    - warm compresses 2x a day
    - Theralid eyelid cleanser 2x a day
    - acupuncture tcm herbs
    - because I have glaucoma, I switch my eye drops from xalatan (with preservatives) to taflotan s (preservative free)
    - change my glasses to digital lenses and which also cut out blue light
    - try to follow 20-20-20 rule
    - lutein
    - ipl and expression by eye doctor

    If only I had known, I would have taken better care of my eyes....... I want to turn back the hands of time

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    Maybe wrong drops? I tried optiv Plus twice and everytime gave me headache.
    bad air or smoking also give me headache.
    Otherwise I seldom have headache - once every 1-3 months - max.

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      Hi @rooneyandfergie, I had been reading your old posts while I was searcing posts related to eye redness and you had been suffering from redness besides dryness also. I am happy to hear that at least your dry eyes were under control until 5 months ago and I hope you will recover soon with these burning and aching sensations.. My eyes are always red because of permenant scleral red veins and I am in a constant burning sensation, I cant take my dryness under control and veins keep enlarging. When your symptoms were under control, your redness was reduced also?


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        Hi Chuto

        thanks for for the well wishes

        for me because I have to use glaucoma eye drops, it causes some redness as a side effect

        but you will find that when your dryness is under control the redness will improve. The veins will be there but itís much less noticeable. So I think the most important thing is to figure how to get the dryness under control first for you and also not to use whitening eye drops. It just makes it worse
        If only I had known, I would have taken better care of my eyes....... I want to turn back the hands of time