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Anxiety on Dry Eye

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  • Anxiety on Dry Eye

    Hello everyone,

    You can call me Ann. I have the eye problem as well last year, started last July 2019. It happened when i woke up i feel like there is something sharp in my left eye. Then, suddenly i cant close my eyes, undesirable pain, even blink was like hell. I met three eyes specialists, firstly i was diagnosed with corneal ulcer, the second doctor diagnosed me with Recurrent Corneal Abrasion / Erosion . She was away for vacation, I met the third doctor, she said i was having Dry eye syndrome.

    The two doctors said I was having prominent eyes (bulging) make it easier for my eyes to dry. Every day, I will use ointment( duratears) and eye drops ( systane ultra or optive). There are times when I am so tired, I tend to fall asleep without the ointment. Then, I will wake up at 3 am just to find another terrible recurrent corneal abrasion. This happen monthly ( with and without oinment) and it makes me very upset due to my condition like this. I cant withstand the pain, the only thing i will do is place ice on my eyelid . I went to the specialist again and again just to find out that doctor said my method for placing ointment is wrong. I try to explain to her and she just brushed me off. Another doctor said my membrane is too weak and she touched my left eye with qtips (this is with anesthetic eye drop). As soon as the anesthetic gone, I am crying cause it hurts so much and my eye become so red.

    With many episodes of emergency leaves and this symptom, i feel i cant trust these doctors anymore. One of them suggested me for PRK because my eyes too thin for lasik. The doctor said the percentage of healing is 80%, I am so afraid to do PRK.

    Then, I read alot of sucess stories one of it is Fatin's story. She has been taking omega 3 and 7. I try to relate this with my hormone too as they said omega 3 will balance our hormone. This incidence always happen when my estrogen is too high or progesterone too low. In 2018, I have been work out actively and I have sedentary 2019. Could this cause my testosterone become low as well? I am working as researcher which makes me facing computer from 8 to 5 and always stress with the reports. This worry me so much and put me too anxiety as my sleep has been disturbed and I am afraid to travel long distance. Hence, I am doing a lot of reading try to do some changes

    i. Blink a lot when using computer and phone . Set reminder or download apps for blinking ( every 5 minutes blink 20 times)
    ii. Taking omega 3 (HLP LifeSenze Fish Oil Plus) - 2 capsules per day. Total EPA 1200mg and DHA 600mg. I read they said at least 3000 mg but mine only 2400 for 2 capsules. Could not afford 3000 mg
    ii. Placing humidifier on my office table
    iv. Wearing eye mask as I have high speed fan on top of me during sleeping
    v. Eat a lot of green veges such as broccoli and spinach

    After do this for nearly one month, turn out to be my situation improved from 30 to 70%. Thank to god as soon I taking fish oil the next day, i dont have to use eyedrops every hour. Maybe around 4 times per day. I am now can sleep comfortably but the worry is still there.

    Have any of you experience the same symptoms as mine? I am sharing this cause it might help someone out there. I know it is not easy to have dry eye but I know one fine day we will all be recovered, keep fighting!

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