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The pandemic WFH has been great for eyes

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  • The pandemic WFH has been great for eyes

    I am not working at the moment (studying) but I felt so much relief after work from home became a normal part of life. I definitely experienced judgement and discrimination from my co-workers who did not understand that I actually worked from home. Only people who worked close to me understood that I actually was very productive.

    It has been difficult in many ways thanks to the pandemic, the anxiety, the sadness and the isolation to name a few things. However, working from home as someone who, despite improving, cannot tolerate screen work below 50% humidity, 2020 brought a surprising benefit to ocular health.

    Sometimes my office humidity fell below 20%. People had red and tired eyes but didn’t feel bad. Although I witnessed some struggle with contact lenses.

    Anyway, curious to hear if anyone else noticed this, too.