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    Hi, I'm a new member. My story started about a year ago. First I developed dry mouth, and then three months later, the dry eyes started. The doctors have run lots of tests, and cannot determine why I have these symptoms. Restasis seems to be helping a little. I also use over-the-counter drops during the day and lacri-lube for overnight. Because this started when I was 43, I'm thinking it may be related to perimenopause. Maybe.

    I'm glad I found this web-site. It helps to know I'm not alone, and it's given me some ideas to try.

    I'd like to ask the married individuals how their spouses are reacting to your problems? I'm constantly battling mine to turn off the ceiling fan and the A/C.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Have they done autoimmune tests on you for Sjogren's Syndrome? Dry Mouth and dry eyes are classic symptoms of Sjogren's. A Rheumatologist is a specialist who can run these tests, altho..a regular doctor can too. I'm just not sure if they would know which ones to run. Do a google search for Sjogren's syndrome and you can see what the disease is. But be aware that it is sometimes not just simple dry eyes and dry mouth. It can affect many organs and the nervous system too.



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      Thanks Silverlady, I have been tested for Sjogrens and the tests were negative.