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  • Suggestions?

    My eyes seem to be at the absolute worst when I wake up. They bad thing is, because I had corneal transplants I have no choice but to wear contacts. So, with the excruciating pain my eyes already feel, I know have to put a contact in on top of it! Not fun. There are days when I don't know how much more I can stand. My eyes feel like rolling in the back of my head and I can barely keep them open, it feels like someone is poking them with an ice pick. Trying to drive somedays is extremely dangerous, not only for myself, but others. But, when one has to get to work and get places..... I also have my ducts cauterized (bottom) and the top plugged. Tried restasis, no luck and am on pred forte everyday, take thera tears (vitamin), refresh drops, warm compresses. I just started covering them at night, first putting in genteal then covering with saran and then a mask, all buy doctors orders (so far no luck with that). I am so glad I found this sight and others know exactly what I mean. My prayers go out to all who have this problem. Any suggestions?

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    a spell of 24/7 coverage?

    Hi, Jenna. . .Please forgive if I have missed earlier posts of yours in which you may describe possible use of moisture chambers or similar covers for you eyes. . .If you have not yet tried using a goggle or custom moisture chamber for extended periods, this may be worth exploring. . .It is amazing how much moisture can accumulate in a well sealed little environment. . .As I've disclosed before, here on the Zone, I have a steady TBUT/Tear Break-Up time of 0 seconds, and yet as I proceed through the day, ALWAYS wearing my moisture chambers, I have many long spells of feeling just fine. .I do still produce some tears, but they are very poor quality. . .Nonetheless, my eyes feel quite moist with the chambers on. . .Write me directly, if you like, about all this. . .or keep posting and check out the department on Panoptx, Goggles, etc. . .Again, please forgive if you've already tried chambers and have not found them useful. . .
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      Im really sorry to here about your dry eye troubles. I am in the same bout as you so i know how you feel. My eyes also feel the worst when i wake up.

      Did your dry eye come on after corneal transplants? god i cant imagine what thats like. my heart goes out to you. did you find the cautery helped with the dry eye?

      Your eyes sound quite severe, have you tried the goggles of this site or tranquil eyes? I know they are hard to wear when you sleep if i wear anything i endup pulling them off.
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        rozen. I am considering getting some of those onion goggles. I cant afford and am not willing at the mo to wear out side Panoptx. But i may try this cheaper version.

        Do you find your vision steams up in panoptx? Coz when ive worn goggles before they make my eyes feel good but they get cloudy probaly due to no the evaporation.

        do you reckon i could get a rx in onion gogles?
        I healed my dry eye with nutrition and detoxification. I'm now a Nutritional Therapist at: . Join my dry eye facebook group:


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          Just wanted to encourage you to try Panoptx, if you possibly can. The sunglasses type (dark lenses) don't look much different than regular sunglasses, now that large frames are back in style. They make a BIG difference in comfort for me, and I haven't gotten any weird looks from people in stores, etc. There's one clerk at a market who always notices and compliments me---he rides motorcycles and thinks they're a fantastic invention.

          They have small vents and hardly ever fog up.



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            i would but unfortunately i dont think we can get them in good old england.

            I dont see why i cant give someone my perscription and then send them to me?

            Also theres not much sun over here and not that much need for sun glasses..
            I healed my dry eye with nutrition and detoxification. I'm now a Nutritional Therapist at: . Join my dry eye facebook group:


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              You might consider trying to sleep in the Tranquil Eyes goggles, and run a humidifier next to your bed. No fans or AC in your bedroom if you can tolerate it. In addition, keep some gel on your night table and put more in if you wake during the night. These things might help relieve some of the morning dryness.
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                Hi Sazy123,

                I had dry eyes before my transplants, but it has just getting worse and because I have to wear the contacts, it makes it worse. I have not tried any of the goggles or tranquils, but am planning on it. Any other suggestions?


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                  fogging with gaskets or chambers

                  To answer sazy123's questions about fogging up in moisture chambers or Panoptx. . .Yes, this is potentially an issue, but pretty quickly, one figures out how to sit the glasses on the face so that just a tiny bit of air flow is permitted, and this often resolves any fogging. . .Did I mention, btw, that the opticians who make custom moisture chambers often poke tiny pinholes in the plastic. . .and when they fit the chambers, their primary concern is how close or not close a fit is desired by the patient. . .?

                  RE: getting Panoptx sent to the UK, after supplying one's Rx. . .I assume this is possible, and perhaps our very own Zone store already does this (?). . .
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                    Oops! My error re: Panoptx from the Shop

                    Sorry about that thoughtless reference to the Dry Eye Shop shipping to the UK. . .especially insofar as it implied that the Shop fills Rxs. . .I must get more familiar with the Shop. . .

                    What I should have said is that a Panoptx dealer in the U.S. could very likely fille an Rx faxed over from the UK, and then mail the product to the UK. . .The key, with Panoptx, is to be lucky enough to have an Rx within their available range. . .
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                      No prob Unfortunately we cannot do Rx - I've no idea internationally but in the US state laws vary a lot and (straining my memory from when I first looked into it) I believe you have to have an optician on staff to do it. However, I believe Panoptx has a downloadable form that your own optician can send in.

                      George, really appreciated your info about Walmart being able to fit lenses - good to know that's at least a possibility. So perhaps for Sazy too it might be possible to get a cheap Panoptx frame over the internet and take it somewhere local...?
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                        Reply to Jenna

                        Jenna, try Cod liver oil 25,000 iu. I found they really helped my eyes. But you can't go on them if you are pregnant or planning on getting pregnant soon, as this dosaging can harm a fetus!! Also tell your family doctor the amount you are on, he/she may want to do liver function tests on you every 6 months or so because it can....not neccesarily will, but can, cause liver problems. Some people use this dosage and find no side effects . Good luck!!! Avoid air conditioning, I find it really dries my eyes out. Also avoid antihistimines, both systemic and topical. Birth control pills have been known to cause dry eye syndrome....good luck hang in there...