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  • One year at DEZ

    Well that's one year since I've started using this site. I first started looking into my dry eye problem when I returned from a short holiday last year realising that it wasn't going to get better on it's own.
    Unfortunately I've not made a lot of progress with the problem although, thankfully, it does not seem much worse than it was in the beginning.
    I suppose I've learned loads about dry eye. Jumped from diagnosis to diagnosis. I've thought the cause was beta blockers, low humidity at work, dehydration then aqueous deficiency. Today I think it is "non-marked Posterior Blepharitis" although a professional diagnosis is missing.
    Of course there have been times when the irritation was low but I have so many memories of bad experience at work, home and play when the dry eye has gotten me down.
    It's disappointing that all the treatments are long term and improvement is alway not apparent.
    The thing that worries me is all the anecdotes of people getting so many different opinions on their problem from various doctors.
    I'm also concerned about the descriptions of the eyelid I get about Bleph. and MGD. Dr Latkany says "To an eye doctor it should be obvious. Inflamed, red, swollen, scaly, etc.". Mine simply are not that bad. Inflamed swollen and scaly definitely not. I have little red blood vessels visible and maybe a hint of yellowness but these look as if they are normal. What if I don't have posterior blepharitis and all my current treatments are wrong???
    It certainly is a damned annoying disease.
    Fed up Bruce.
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    Sorry you are so fed-up Bruce - hang on in there with the rest of us
    This is a condition which cant be "cured " at present but can be managed quite successfully
    (although Sazi is going for a cure - and good for her !!)
    Many medical conditions fall into that category
    I worked in the health service all my life - was an intesive care nurse for years, and am so annoyed to see it going from bad to worse
    It is bad enough people have to suffer from all sorts of conditions - but to have to fight, to get the treatment you need, and know there are drugs and eyedrops out there, is thoroughly depressing and demoralizing
    It sounds like that is probably half your problem
    You might feel differently if you had a good ophthalmologist who took an interest in your condition and understood your discomfort and tried to work with you to find a solution
    Because you have not got this facility you end up with the rest of us - surfing the net to find solutions and self-perscribing and wondering if you are doing the right thing
    Sounds to me like you ARE doing the right thing ie just trial and error with drugs and treatments until you find whats right for you
    Many allergy sufferers have to do this too
    Keep going - you will get there
    (This is meant to encourage you -as well as myself i suppose)
    Take a day at a time


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      Beta Blockers?

      Hi Bruce,

      Interested to hear about your beta blockers theory. I do not know what caused my dry eye(s) - it would be nice to have a definitive cause - but the only thing I could come up with in my case was maybe beta blockers/combined with strong painkillers for a prolapsed disc/back. That certainly would account for it timing-wise. At least we can rule out the menopause?!

      Keep the chin up!

      - Seamus


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        beta blockers

        The beta blockers thing was more of a dead end than a theory. These are one of the definite causes of dry eye. I had been using propranolol periodically for a few years due to a racing heart problem. I only discovered they could cause dry eye after I had been suffering dry eye for 10 months. However, I have almost used none in the past year but still have the same dry eye. I think beta-blockers cause temporary dryness throughout the body but doubt they would cause chronic dry eye when disused.

        I was anxious when I stopped using them as I thought that was the best chance of a "cure" and was worried if it persisted (which it did).

        I have moved away from wondering what caused the dry eye - I think it is probably aging and natural inflammation.

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          Not a cure but Im deffinately going for major improvement

          Betablockers could of triggered/made worse an underlying dry eye problem. You could have had mild dry eye, not noticed it and the betablockers made it much worse. Most people using them will be fine or get temporary dry eye. Thats simular to me using antidepressants (if it was that, could of been orthok), it made the problem 10x as worse.
          I healed my dry eye with nutrition and detoxification. I'm now a Nutritional Therapist at: . Join my dry eye facebook group:


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            I'd like to report a sustained improvement (touch wood). I've had 4 weeks approx of reduced symptoms. This started after I used bilberry leaves in my warm compress and eyebright capsules. However I think mainly the improvement has been due to a course of Doxy which I've stuck to (100mg then 50mg) combined with regular hygiene as per the book and regular use of Sterilid.

            However, beware of being "cured". I now find myself back in the daily grind of normal life and it's little more fun than I remember.

            Best Regards,
            Occupation - Optimistologist


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              really pleased to hear of your improvement - The doxy is good .I've stopped mine for the moment I felt i was getting too used to it and it was loosing its effectiveness.I was only on a maintainance dose of 25mgms It looks like you must definately have MGD 'cos doxy reduces inflammation due to that
              I am seeing some improvement with a weak androgen based HRT so am giving that a run
              Its trial and error,
              I have an appointment with an NHS eye doc end of next month - To my surprise i only had to wait a couple of months for the appointment - Things must be looking up in the health service
              I intend to ask about the possibility of autologous serous drops and restasis and DHEA - i dont hold out much hope they will do anything new or radical
              One of the things i intend to insist on ,is that they review me and keep me on their outpatient lists on the strength that i want to be supervised as i try to find solutions for this problem - even if it is every year - Cant afford private medecine all the time
              Anyway - thanks for posting your good news - It will encourage us all
              Take care


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                Hi Stella

                Do let me know if you manage to get autologous serum or restasis on the NHS. I have tried and failed! My local hospital have signed me off because they are not willing to help me try new things and say there is nothing they can do for me. Mind you I'm not getting anywhere with private doctors in the UK either! I think I'm going to have to go abroad soon.

                Good luck!



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                  Hi Helen
                  Its soo frustrating living in the UK with DE
                  I can only try -- will definately let you know if i have any success
                  If you went abroad would you try Dr Latkany in NY?
                  or how about Dr Baudouin in Paris ?- Easyjet would take you there cheaply