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How my dry eye pain was sorted

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  • stella
    Dear Nicole
    SO pleased to hear from you !
    There are not many of us in Ireland -I am from the north so am deighted to get the name of an ophthalmologist in Dublin 'cos i can easily drive there whereas to get to the mainland , we need to fly or take the car on a ferry
    so thanks a million for writing in and giving the name of that eye doc
    You say he is willing to try anything ?
    I wonder would he be willing to write a perscription for me for doxycillen eye drops - after i have seen him of course
    I know I can get them on-line from Leiters compounding pharmacy but only with a scanned perscription as an attatchment to an E mail
    I have found oral doxycillen really helps but obviously cant keep on that indefinately whereas topical eyedrops i probably could
    Can he do autologus serous drops (the ones from your own blood sample) I wonder?
    Thats another thing i would like to try
    Anyway thank you again for writing in
    It may be just what I or anyone else in Ireland north or south are looking for

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  • Nicole2
    started a topic How my dry eye pain was sorted

    How my dry eye pain was sorted


    My name is Nicole and I live in Ireland. I am new to using this site so you can also sent me private mails to
    I got dry eyes after I had Lasik surgery Feb 2005. Since then my life changed dramatically. I was using eye drops all the time, never leave the house without them. My eyes were either sore or not comfortable. They always got worse in work when I was using the computer. My job was much harder as I had to put up with the pain. After a lot of researching I had found out that I can only tolerate Aertlac single dose units. The advanced ones are much better.
    I tried a lot of remedies. I tried plugs and they were always coming out. My last option was permanent cauterisation of my tear ducts. I got the lower ones done first. There was an improvement but my upper ducts started to work more and my eyes under my upper lids were very dry. So I got my upper tear ducts cauterised as well. My doctor said that I have a good tear film now. He also said that this type of surgery really suited me as my eyes were really dry and I dont get tears running down my face. I am pain free, I still use eye drops to circulate the tears in my eyes, I do wipe away tears one every two hours but at least I dont have to keep running to the toilet to use eye drops. I am more outgoing now and I have more of a wish to enjoy life again.
    My doctor is Dr Lee Wang (surgeon) of Fitzwilliam Clinic, dublin 2. Phone 00353 1 6644037. I had to change doctors quite a lot until I found one who was willing to try everything. I was desperate and I do think you have to fight and dont take no for an answer. Some doctors don't understand as they dont live with our pain. I wish you all the luck and God bless you.