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    Hi. I'm Lena and have had dry eyes for about 15 years now. I think it happened because of contacts but not sure about that. I also have a thyroid condition, so don't know how that is affected. Anyways, I wasn't able to wear contacts until recently. I have had plugs put in which didn't work because they kept coming out. Then, I had them cauterized which didn't help either. Then, I found out about Restasis and that seemed to help somewhat. I had been taking Theratears Nutrition as well. Now, I can wear contacts for about 4 hours before I can't take it anymore. They are Acuvue Oasis with Hydroclear. I also have astigmatism, so I have to wear toric lenses. Anyone with similar situation as me? Would I be a candidate for Lasik with my dry eyes? Anyone use Hydroeye?