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Do i really have dry eyes?? (please help me figure this out)..

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  • Do i really have dry eyes?? (please help me figure this out)..

    My name is Sai & i am a software engineer working in India.

    I am suffering from a severe eye trouble. My eyes start paining, if i sit in a room with CFL bulbs/Look out the window during the day. I also experience the same pain (more intense), when i do any close work, like computers & studying.

    The trouble actually started 2 years back when i started noticing fog around lights, since then I have been to atleast 5-6 optometrists, who said i have dry eyes prescibed me eyedrops (MethylCellulose based solutions), but i found no relief using them.To take matters worse, Photophobia started & worsened to a point where a mere CFL bulb causes me enough scare to stay in the dark.It has also become impossible to go to office, since a mere 5 minute computer usage is enought for the pain to kick in.

    Can you please advice whats wrong? Do my symptoms sound like severe dry eye case, or any similar condition caused by excess computer usage.
    I have browsed many dryeyzone stories, & found many dryeye problems due to lazik,contactlenses. I haven't found not stories supporting ComputerVisionSyndrome as cause of severe dry eyes, so i am worried, if i have some other disease.

    All the doctors i went to have also ruled out any infection & confirmed that all parts of my eyes are fine. So i dont understand whats happening with my eyes. I also notice swelling of my eyelids/eyeball (since the last 6 months or so)

    The reason i am not so confident about the doctors advice that i have dry eyes is because, the doctors are not conducting any specific tests, to check for dry eyes, they simply look at my eyes (using an apparatus that has a magnifying glass) & are concluding the problem. It is really possible to identify dry eyes, by just looking at them(I mean via a standard eye exam)

    Kindly advice on my problem, Do i really have dry eyes??
    (Your opinions & suggestions matter a lot to me 'cos, in the last 2 years, i had no one to talk to who can understand/advice on this problem (except doctors, who obviously dont experience the pain, and hence are not willing to listen).

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    i think your job could be the reason of your dry eye. you could try BUT or Shirmer's Test on ur eye to see whether you have got dry eye. it is obvious that ur eye symtom is caused by dry eye in my opinion. but to get a treatment that suit u, you would probably need to look for a doctor specializing in dry eye. im sure you will find one in India.

    If ur symtom is not relieved under verious treatment in the future, u might need to consider changing ur job as staring at computer screen is really harmful to your eyes.

    I hope everything goes well with you. good thing is u found this site as im sure u r gonna get a lot of help in this community.
    I believe I can fly!


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      update on my condition

      Hi Robin,

      Thanks for your advice. I looked up the yellow pages & went to a doctor who specializes in dry eyes, he did some testing by putting a paper in my eyes to check if tears are being produced. The results showed 14/13(Right/Left) eye.
      He told me that tear production in my eyes is OK, but my upper eyelids are swollen, hence what ever the tears being produced get evaporated very quickly & staring at the computer means even quicker evaporation.

      He prescribed Optiva Tear drops & an ointment for rubbing on the eyelids before going to sleep, & warm compresses Twice a day. I hope the medication helps.

      I will update the post often, about any improvements..

      Thanks for your help.


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        Im 20 years old and i also have the problem of really red eyelids and my tears also evaporate too quickly,
        I've got this problem for 5 months now, i've worn soft contactlenses for 7 years. The second time i went to my doctor he perscribed me zaditen for my red eyelids and Vidisic carbogel for my dry eyes.

        I also have to use warm compresses every night.
        It works allright but the problem still isnt solved, on most of the days the pain still remains.

        how is it workin for you? do you still have dry eyes or is the problem solved?

        I hope it worked for you.


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          finally able to manage it...

          This new doctor i went to, is a God Send. He actually understands Ocular diseases & the best part is he listens to your entire problem & then starts checking for problem in the eye, unlike the last 9 (i think) docs i went to who dont care a damn.

          AnyWay, I am on Restasis/Erithromycin/TheraTears Nutrition/Optive TearDrops/WarmCompresses. So far the results are encouraging. My eyelids feel normal to look & my eyes feel a little moist & no pain . All this if i am away from the PC. If i use the computer, my eyes would start paining again, but not as much as in the past. I still havent found any relief from photophobia (especially because the sun in India is tooooooo bright . Never realized it before this problem)

          My doc. says to be patient , since the treatment takes time, & that i shoud see results in 2-6 months.
          So i have my fingers crossed...

          Meanwhile, i ordered Dr. Latkany's book from Amazon, & am waiting for its arrival.

          Post 2 months of DryEyeZone surfing, i've realized that you can't make dry eyes go away, but sure can control it from interfering with life.

          Would like to Thank everyone who post on this website for my newly found confidence..


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            Hi -sorry about your problems,but glad you have at last found a good eye doctor
            What about trying goggles when using the computer?
            At the moment i am wearing "cocoons" to do this post
            They are sun glasses that fit over my perscription glasses and they definately help to cut out the glare
            If you dont wear perscription glasses it would be much easier - you just have to wear ordinary sun glasses and see if that helps
            I got my cocoons from E bay - If you google up cocoons it will give you lots of sources
            All the best and let us know how you get on


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              Hi Stella,

              Thanks for your advice, i will try the googles too. How about a Personal Humidifier, have you tried it anytime?
              We dont get those small humidifiers in India, so i have to order one from US. Can you please tell me if it will help,'cos shipping cost to india is 60USD(approx)., so i dont want to risk money on it, if its not of much use.

              Thanks a lot for ur advice.