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I dont know why my eyes are dry

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  • I dont know why my eyes are dry

    Hi everyone,

    I have read some of the threads but i dont have a specific eye 'disease' that i know of. I just suffer from red eyes, even when im not wearing my contacts, that are dry all the time. Even if i get 10hours sleep i wake up looking like a big night out.
    I also have this thing where i sleep with my eyes slightly open. I have only recently been told i do this so am not sure what to do and if that is the reason my eyes are always red.
    I do work in office environment with computers but how can my eyes be the worst in the whole office?

    Does anyone have any advice, is there naturally anything i can do.? I try normal eyedrops, even those that help for red eyes but they do nothing for me...


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    The condition is lagophthalmos

    Dryeyelondon: Sleeping with your eyes slightly open is called lagophthalmos, and you should absolutely do something about it. If untreated, it will cause damage to the surface of your eyes that will progressively worsen your dry eye syndrome and impair your vision. Once you deal with it, you may find your life returns to normal in just a few weeks.

    Dr. Latkany's book, "The Dry Eye Remedy," is an essential dry-eye-owner's handbook, so please pick up a copy. You have a couple of options for dealing with lagophthalmos: 1) tape your eyes shut at night, using whatever surgical tape your skin will tolerate; 3M markets a couple in the US under the names Nexcare Flexible Clear Tape (hospital name: 3M Transpore) or Gentle Paper Tape (hospital name: 3M Micropore); if your eyes are dry before you tape them shut, you can use eye drops or an eye gel first; and 2) Tranquileyes googles, which you can buy from Rebecca at the DEZ store. (The store also sells one of the 3M tapes.)

    I use Tranquileyes for my lagophthalmos, and I love them. The first night you use them, you will wake up with beautiful, sparkling white eyes, and you will be amazed! Be sure not to tighten the straps tightly, or you will cause the eyepads to press against your eyes, which is not a good thing when you sleep with your eyes open.

    Good luck, and keep us posted on your progress!


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      i don't think lagophtalmos can cause red eyes unless you sleep with them half close....i think we are talking about 0.1 mm or 0.2 mm ..i personally use an airlane mask and it's fine....also be aware of taping ecc them...we move a LOT our eyes during night and that may cause more irritation. i think everybody should think of this before pressing with something on the eyelid.

      p.s. most doctors say you sleep with your eyes open just to send you away