I have had minor dry eye for years, since perimenopause, and just recently my eyes seem much more severely dry . I cannot wear makeup anymore, and my eyes look red and tired ; I feel ugly and scared ! My life has changed drastically . I avoid driving and shopping , even being outdoors as drops don't seem to help much with the discomfort . I am anxiety and depression ridden , and I understand that medications for those things tend to further dry out the eyes ? I was going to start bio-identical hormone therapy to help with some other symtoms , but read that hrt is a culprit in dry eye symdrome as well ?? I used to love to read, sew , cook , watch movies, but avoid those ,too (as well as computer use ) . I have tried theratears, systane free, thera-tears liquid gel , refresh tears , genteal for moderate dry eye ( I am in denial ) and would welcome any suggestions . Thanks ! and I am so glad I found this site- I feel so alone !