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    you are not alone

    Hi Nanship,

    When I read "I have had minor dry eye for years, since perimenopause, and just recently my eyes seem much more severely dry . I cannot wear makeup anymore, and my eyes look red and tired ; I feel ugly and scared ! My life has changed drastically . I avoid driving and shopping , even being outdoors as drops don't seem to help much with the discomfort ." I thought you sounded like you went through what I did. The dry eye was mild for a long time and early this year it became severe all of a sudden. It does seem to coincide with going through menopause and I truly think it is related.

    Have you tried Restasis? It may or may not help. I have been on it for about 8 months. I notice only some very minor change, but that is better than nothing. I would recommend looking into glasses that block air. If you don't have too high of a prescription, you can get wrap around sunglasses that you can wear when you are in stores. I think they can put a bifocal in those too so you could use them for sewing. Those would help a lot. You could even have them made with clear lenses so you could wear them in your house if you are bothered by your furnace or air conditioner. I have to wear safety glasses over my glasses in my house and it does help although they are ugly and uncomfortable. They help a lot when I am on the computer.

    If you haven't been to an opthamologist yet, see if you can find one in your area that deals with dry eye. They might be able to help.

    I just wanted to let you know you aren't alone. I wish you the best.