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update - 4 weeks out -I was wrong

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    Originally posted by chickenlittle View Post
    I wasn't sure what was working so I was throwing everything at it. Dakrina seems too thick for me - it sticks to my lashes and then they itch. I just didn't know if Optive or Systane were the best to go with.
    With Dakrina, try putting in a very small drop and then immediately blotting, or wipe the lashes gently with a damp cloth. (Or try Dwelle instead - it's the same product minus the Vitamin A.)

    Some people like Optive, some people Systane, some both. I sure agree with not mixing things around too much. Try one or two drops and stick when them for awhile to give them a good chance.
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      Have you tried chilling your restsis in the fridge? Just keep the vials in there. While I can't use it for other reasons, chilling it did help me with the stinging and burning. Also, try using the Thera tears (or whatever drops you find the most soothing) about 5 minutes before you instill the restasis. I found that putting restasis directly on a really dry surface very irritating.

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        I am also a patient of Dr. Foulk's. He was the only one who would listen to me, and really explain what was going on with me. He has me on Restatsis, FresKote and Optive. I also use GenTeal gel at night before I go to bed. I also do the warm rice bag and lid message.

        It took me a while to stop beating myself up over having lasik surgery. But I have come to terms with 4 year journey has been bitter sweet. Please give yourself time to heal.

        PS. Dr. Foulks is a busy man and sometime he may seem rushed. Just look him in the eye and keep asking him your questions and he'll slow down.


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          thanks guys for all the tips. I will try Dwelle. It seems like burning and irritation are getting worse, which is odd since I got plugs on Friday. I'm trying to stay positive, but it's very hard. I started refridgerating the Restasis last week, but I didn't put drops in prior. I'll try that. I'm trying to use only Optive drops only every 2 hours or should I just load up when I feel irritated,? which is literally - every 30 minutes. I'm 43, but I wasn't aware of any auto-immune or peri-menapausal or dryness issues prior to my surgery - except I probably wasn't hydrated enough. Discouraged today. I am looking forward to meeting Dr Foulks so he can explain what is happening to me.


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            My post-LASIK dry eye friend had trouble with burning with Restasis as well. He finally opted for just using it at night only. He claims to have experienced benefit from it even with only one dose per day.
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