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  • Success With Surgery!


    For anyone who has followed my posts, will know that I have tried so many different techniques for my DES. As I have no underlying medical condition, no blepharatis, no environmental causes. By process of elimination, I determined my DES was caused by an abnormally wide Palpebral Fissure causing rapid evaporation of my tears.

    I elected to have a tarsorrhaphy and canthoplasty done. I went to one of the best ocuplastic surgeons in Australia. He was very good. I have nearly fully recovered from the operation and I have had no infections or complications. Cosmetically it looks much better.

    I will be uploading a few pictures of what my eyes looked like before the operation. Bear in mind I took these photos when my eyes were significantly dry. After my surgery I haven't used drops once and they are much more comfortable, no more intense redness, no more severe dryness and light sensitivity. I may still have to use artificial tears, but maybe only once or twice a day instead of every half an hour. My vision is not affected at all and I have no scars. It really was a success.

    I'm hoping to resume my normal life as my eyelids are now protecting my eyes properly.

    Good luck to my fellow sufferers. Check out my photos, will be posting photos of what my eyes look now soon!
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    Can you please post pictures


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      I'm not completely sure of what operation you had, can you please explain more, I'm fairly new to this condition and could not follow this? I'm considering surgery to permentaly close my lower punctum's which ironically I had surgically opened about two yrs ago with great success at the time, I'm currently without a formal diagnosis but am producing no tears, even with crying.


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        Tarsorrhaphy description

        Basically it reduces the exposure of the eye, greatly reducing the evaporation of tears and dryness.