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Blepharitis and MGD Relief

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  • Blepharitis and MGD Relief

    I have Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) which goes hand-in-hand with my Blepharitis. From what I understand about MGD (in a nutshell) is there's excess oil on and around the eyes and eyelids which causes the oil glands IN the eyes to become clogged, which builds up crusty stuff around the lids and causes the eyes to have less oil ON the eyeball itself, which makes the eyes feel dry. To make matters worse, the oil all around the eyes is a breeding ground for bacteria which eats the skin on the eyelids and causes flaking, or dandruff, of the eyelids (blepharitis). Not surprisingly, the bacteria often causes infections on the eyelids and oil glands. So, too much oil makes the eyes dry. I think that's pretty strange.

    I'll tell you what I've been doing to get some relief.

    First, I started using Dawn dish soap to cleanse my eyelids and face. Dawn's catchphrase is "Dawn Gets Grease Out of Your Way" so I figured it would work on cleansing the facial oils, as well. Another reason I thought of using Dawn is I read an article about the BP oil spill in 2010 and it said Dawn was being used to clean the oil off of the waterfowl and other animals that were covered in the oil. Our veterinarian also recommended using Dawn when we wash our dog. It was 97 cents at Walmart. Make sure to get the original, non-concentrated classic Dawn that says "Powers Away Grease!" on it. Look on the bottom shelf. It's blue.

    I put a drop of the Dawn on a Johnson's Cotton Round (usually used to remove makeup) that is wet, not dripping, with warm water. Then I gently clean one eyelid and lash area with it. Be careful not to get the soap IN your eye. I repeat this with a 2nd cotton round for the other eye. I use a 3rd one for the rest of my face.

    To kill the bacteria on the skin I use a clean cotton ball and put hydrogen-peroxide on it, then gently dab it on all over one eyelid to kill the bacteria. I use another cotton ball for the 2nd eyelid, and a 3rd for the rest of my face. Again, don't get any hydrogen-peroxide in your eyes.

    My eyelids were irritated and sore so I applied Neosporin on them afterwards to help them heal. Neosporin is oily which may clog the oil glands again, though, so it's probably best to use it before bed and sleep with it on. Or skip it if re-clogs the eye oil glands.

    I also take Bilberry, Evening Primrose Oil, and Omega-3 oil pill supplements. They have helped my eyes feel less dry, also.

    Everything I have listed here is available at Walmart. I'm sure any store with a pharmacy would have the stuff.
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    Hi and welcome. I am really glad you've got a routine that works well for you!

    I have to say though... I would caution users against attempting to replicate the hydrogen peroxide part of this routine. I do not know anything about its uses on the skin but it should not be used near the eyes (on the lids, MG orifices etc) because of the danger of getting it in the eyes. Getting HP in your eyes can cause serious damage.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation


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      You are right about the hydrogen-peroxide getting into the eye. Care must be taken to avoid this.

      An alternative idea I've tried is Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm on my eyelids. Honey is a natural killer of bacteria. I've put actual honey from a honey bear on my eyelids but it was too sticky. That's why the lip balm works better for me.

      I believe washing the face with Dawn is the key, though. If the excess oil isn't there then the bacteria have nothing to live and thrive in. It's possible that just by washing your face then the bacteria may no longer be a problem, and therefore the hydrogen-peroxide or honey lip balm is unnecessary.

      I've been going by trial-and-error to find what works for me and what doesn't work. I cannot guarantee results or any benefits for other people. If someone tries my suggestions and it doesn't help or causes worse symptoms, then stop doing it. However, I'm hoping that if even one person gets even a little relief from their symptoms then it was worth sharing.