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  • Dry eyes success

    Dear all,

    After a lot of time, and research and ect. I decided to share my experience with dry eyes and corneal neuralgia (1 year and a half).

    I am actually working on a free blog where I talk about my experience. I found it really hard to explain everything I have done and still doing in just one post..

    I have done a lot of changes in my rutine, including taking IKERVIS, following a PALEO diet, having lower punctual plugs and taking auto logum serum drops. For now I have an instagram page, called myworld.ladybird.

    I hope this will help someone overcome this condition and start living, working and love again.

    Best regards from Switzerland,

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    Thank you so much for your post. Always delighted to hear dry eye success stories. I will take a look at your blog.


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      Ladybird_dryeyes how long did it take for ikervis to work?


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        I would say 4-6 months to see max result.
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          And could you please write a short summary for us all in this topic as what you think helped you with your dry eyes (your routine for example), and things that did not help? I don't have instagram, and I'd like to stay in this forum so that the information is centralized for everyone to read; I think that is the easiest way to keep the 'stack of knowlegde' we all gathered more accessible.


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            Hei Gilles. Absolutely, I can make a short summary, although I think it will not help really as on my page I explain really what I am doing and how I do it. I will try to make a short summary

            So now I am on:

            - Auto Logum Serum Eye drops (6x day)
            - I dropped my birth control with extrogens (NuvaRing for 7 years)
            - I changed job (no dirty AC) - but still at the office
            - I am taking more breaks with computer work (20/20/20)
            - I bought light blue blockers
            - I stopped wearing daily contacts lenses (giving my eyes a break) - bought three new pair of glasses
            - I take omega - 3 GOOD supplement (with the right DHA and EPA percentages) - BrudySec is my brand
            - I take Maqui Berry supplements
            - I use Systane Ultra Eyedrops (no preservatives)
            - I use Hylo Gel Forte
            - I use an humidifier (at night and when I work on my PC)
            - I changed my diet to PALEO (no sugar, no alchool, no diary) - this is really IMPORTANT!
            - I wear always sunglasses outside
            - I use Bepanthen ointment at night
            - I have lower punctual plugs

            I think this are the things which help me most. I am still improving. I am on my way to buy EPP sclerals and maybe I will try IPL.

            As I said, for more info I will open a free blog, and also my Instagram page is already on. I found it difficult to summarize as many type of dry eyes exist: there is MGD, acqeous deficiency, post-lasik ect. I am more than happy to help and answer any questions on this summary. I try to share my personal story to help someone.

            I am constantly researching, improving betting better. Now I am free from eyedrops almost and only taking ALS.

            I hope this will help. XXX Fede


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              Ladybird_dryeyes i've been on ikervis for 3 months, hopefully it starts working. From you list above, what was the biggest help?


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                orange86 I think the punctual plugs, auto logum serum and changing diet are the things which helped me the most


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                  Orange86. Do you think the ikervis is helping much? Does it sting and make your eyes red?


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                    LindaDawn It's not helped me so far and i've been on it for 3 months and 2 weeks. i'll stay on it with the hope that i see some benefit.

                    it's stings a little to a lot when i instill at bedtime but pain goes away, yes some redness but i have that most the time now.

                    i went to the driving range today and the wind really hurt my eyes


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                      Hi. Orange86. Thank you for your reply. Hoping it works for you. They say up to 6 months. It’s a long time. XIIDRA an alternative drug is supposed to work in a few weeks. It’s similar but not the same, works in a different way. Unfortunately not available in UK but is in Europe. NICE are meant to be reviewing the drug but it was delayed and I expect COVID19 will delay things further.


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                        Hi Ladybird_dryeyes. How do I access your free blog.


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                          Hi Linda Dawn. Its not open yet, it requires a lot of work I will post when it freely published.


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                            Guest. Thank you.