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Amazing results (I think) from lion's mane eye drops

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  • Amazing results (I think) from lion's mane eye drops

    Hi guys! Sorry for this really long post. Just wanted to share an amazing discovery I (think) I have made - lion’s mane eyedrops.

    I am a post Lasik dry eye sufferer and I think my eyes have never been better post surgery than they are now (though, please also note that I’m on fish oil, hemp oil and evening primrose oil which have been helpful in the past, and I also did IRPL with was also helpful but I don’t think this is the full explanation since I’ve had relapses after these).

    Lion’s mane is a fungus that when ingested can trigger release of nerve growth factor in the body. It is also used for wound healing and treating nerve damage. It can also promote outgrowth of neurites in cell culture:

    There also an eyedrop out on the market now with recombinant nerve growth factor ( ) but it is immensely expensive.

    So I decided to take the risk and manufacture and try my own lion’s mane eye drops. Please note that I have tried them only for about a month and cannot guarantee there are no adverse effects but so far so good (I will of course post here if I notice any adverse effects).

    So, I buy this Lion’s mane powder: +mane&qid=1619157041&sr=8-2

    Then I cook it with distilled water. I don’t know the exact measures actually, I started with maybe 4 grams for 200 ml of fluid I think, but it was almost sticking to the pan after a while so I did a new batch where I added some more water gradually, maybe 500 ml in total, actually I don’t know exactly. I cooked for let’s say 20-30 minutes, let it cool off maybe for 30 minutes minimum, and then filtered it through a non-bleached coffee filter (I guess one could make it easier through using a funnel like this, though it’s not necessary: 4ec9e53d-29f6-49b9-b9da-9f4db248d30c&pd_rd_w=GJXv9&pd_rd_wg=00kuM&pf_rd_p= 337be819-13af-4fb9-8b3e-a5291c097ebb&pf_rd_r=26ZQQB34RSSDPMQH9P9N&psc=1&re fRID=26ZQQB34RSSDPMQH9P9N, also I guess one could use a lab filter paper without additives for the filtration). Then I portioned it in 1 ml syringes of this kind: 56986&sr=8-3

    I didn’t have any lids so after filling the syringe (with about 0,5 ml) i put it in its envelope again. Then I froze all the filled syringes in their envelopes and take one out and store in the fridge as eye drops and use a few times a day. When empty I put the syringe in another bag that I also freeze to reuse later - this might not be ideal from a sterility stand point but I do it anyway. The drops sting a slight bit but the sensation is very mild.

    If one doesn’t want to cook an extract, I also found out there is aqueous extract in capsule form, have not tried it and don’t know if the material in the capsule could be harmful:

    Please again notice that I don’t know if this would give long term adverse effects. Also, I don’t visit this forum (only to post something that I really think can be helpful), and unfortunately I don’t have time and energy to engage in any follow up posts, I have posted all the information I can provide above.

    If you decide to proceed, good luck, and as they said in an email from a company growing lion’s mane that I contacted to get their input on how to do the mushroom extract - may the spores be with you! :-)

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    Thank you for posting this!


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      Continued success!!! No adverse effects!! My eyes haven't been as good since before Lasik. I would say I'm practically symptom free and my eyes are really moist. I guess you all here are very aware of the extreme toll this condition can take on a person's life. Through this t's like I've put down a burden that I have been carrying for 10ish years, since my problems became serious. :-D :-D :-D Give it a try! And please post your experiences here! I wish you all the best, warriors!


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        can you take this orally?


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          Thank you for posting this, I started this a couple of days ago and will update on progress in a month or so. Appreciate the links to the academic papers too.

          One note, from the first paper you linked it suggests that if this effect is occurring it is because of β-glucan polysaccharides. Based on my research, these compounds are found in much higher concentrations in the flowering plant of Lion's Mane, rather than the mycelium. Because of this I'm pretty much doing the same as you but using a powder (usually sold for herbal tea) made purely from the flowering plant.

          orange86 , it can be taken orally, and is traditionally drunk as a type of tea but who knows if this would have the same effect.

          Couple of questions for you lelagy, would appreciate any answers:
          1. What type of DED did you have before (MGD/ATD or both?)
          2. How long till you started noticing the effects?
          3. Has the improvement just been an improvement in symptoms or have you seen an improvement in any quantitative tests? (TBUT, Schirmer score etc)
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            Aegeus appreciate it is still early days but any early signs? Also, how have you been taking it (orally or homemade eye drops)?


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              My condition has improved these past 2 weeks but I am also having IPL concurrently so I don't know which is the bigger factor. What I can tell you is that my schirmer score has increased, which in my understanding shouldn't be so affected by IPL treatment.

              I am taking both actually, I effectively make mushroom tea every evening (I quite like it) drink some and then filter and put a small amount in containers to use over the next day as eye drops.
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                I found this paper showing IPL+MGX vs MGX. The results indicate that Schirmer scores do not change significantly with IPL. I have another checkup with my Ophthalmologist in a few weeks, and I'll ask for another Schirmer test to be done.


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                  Great observation Aegeus! Do you mean the fruiting body of the lion's mane? Can you provide a link to where you buy it/brand name?

                  I might have slight MGD but mostly aqueous deficiency I think. I noticed effects right away, however it goes a bit up and down in efficiency I think. I haven't made measurements, though my eyes have been looking more moist since starting the protocol.


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                    Sure, I'm in the UK so not sure if you can buy this elsewhere but I buy this:


                    Have you tried stopping and seeing if the benefits continue? Might make sense if it is helping nerves regrow. I think putting the drops in mildly irritates my eye although I don't get any stinging sensation. So I think it might be better to stop at some point if I think my nerves have recovered.


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                      Before I do something crazy can you just put that in your eyes ? The liquid extract form ?



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                        Take a look at the ingredients of that, they add alcohol in. So I wouldn't recommend it.


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                          Aegeus lelagy can you clarify a bit more how you prepare the eye drops. I just bought distilled water and Lion's mane powder but haven't gotten to give it a try yet. I have been taking Lion's mane pills but feel like the eye drops can help.

                          I have both acqueous deficiency and low oil secretion but feel like this can help especially for people who have done LASIK with damaged eye nerves