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  • Just finished with Dr. Toyos

    Hi, update, i've just finished my 6th treatment with Dr. Toyos in Memphis, and so glad that I did this, and took the effort to travel to get this done....The first treatment was the most dramatic, and i saw immediate improvement....the others have continued to help with my dry eye, and things that really bothered me last year, are of litle or no consequence this Summer. He did find that I am not producing the liquid, clear, thinner tears that we all hoped for, but it's still so much i would highly recommend these treatments for anyone.

    Dr. Toyos continues to train other doctors, so if you can't find someone, contact his office in Memphis and they'll lead you to someone soon.....

    Dr. Toyos also has just finished a new CD explaining the procedure for anyone with questions.......I believe they will soon be free for the asking.

    Good luck to all.........This dry eye "thing" is underrated!



    • Thanks for the update, Kathy!! How exciting!

      Are you still using the Restasis or anything else?



      • Yes, Dr. Assil (who was trained to do the IPL procedure by Dr. Toyos) now charges $750 per treatment, not including an additional charge (around $50) for expressing the glands, which means $800 per treatment session. In addition he recommends four to five treatment sessions, which means you could end up paying as much as $4,000 to be treated by Dr. Assil. And as we all know, the treatments are not covered by insurance. Meanwhile, Dr. Toyos reportedly still charges $400 per treatment session, as does Dr. Friedman (I think I have his name right) in Palo Alto, CA.

        I was told by an optometrist here in LA who knows Dr. Toyos that he used to travel to LA once a month to treat patients through Dr. Assil's office in Beverly Hills, but at some point the two had a falling-out and Dr. Toyos no longer performs treatments in LA. I could be wrong, but my guess is that Dr. Assil was pushing Dr. Toyos to charge more for the treatment and he didn't want to. Now the student is charging double what the teacher (the doctor who developed the treatment) charges, for the exact same treatment. Sounds like sheer greed to me.


        Originally posted by sazy123 View Post

        It was $375 per treatment at the assil eye institute over the summer when i did it?

        So i guess that rules me going back for more

        I was going to have IPL done where i live, and since my glands aren't blocked really (caps), i don't think the gland expression makes much difference for me anyway.

        I feel that it might have helped my right eye, left still really bad though.


        • Hello

          Regarding the mastrola paddle,I asked one of my Opthamologist about it and he very rudely told me "That is for me,Not for you!!!!Never went back to him.As for the immune system being greatly involved.I truly believe this to be the case.I wish you all the best of luck in finding an Opthamologist who actually has a heart and I am still looking.I'm on my 5th and they have NO CLUE what our is or how to treat us.Maybe we could advertise for a caring doc(except Dr. L who is wonderful)who can crusade for help for us all!!!


          • Hi, just a quick question for the guys who have had the IPL; did you have much redness before the treatments and did the treatments help it much? Also I am planning on going over there for the treatment (I live in Australia) but will only be able to be there for 6-7 weeks which I know is less than desirable but is the best I can do, how many treatments would i be able to get done in this time and do you think it would be possible to book initial appointments and follow ups all at once to cut down on appointment booking waiting times? Any other advice?


            • Hi Alex,
              I've done 2 treatments so far with no improvement. I didn't have any redness before, so I cannot comment on that.

              In 6-7 weeks, you can probably only fit in 2 treatments, which can be enough for some people, but it is unlikely. Dr. Toyos generally spaces IPL sessions 4 weeks apart, but I think he can do it 3 to 5 weeks apart. They generally do not recommend doing IPL sessions less than 3 weeks apart because it takes time for the medications to work between the sessions and spacing IPL sessions too closely is not beneficial. I would recommend that you speak to the Toyos clinic about this situation and see what he says.

              Would it be possible that you travel monthly to get the IPL? I know travelling with eye pain is extremely difficult, but there really is no need to stay in the states between each session. Each IPL session takes only about 1-2 hrs and a lot of that is just wait time and generally tehre is not much of a recovery period. I fly from the West Coast to Memphis, and stay a total of two nights for each session.


              • Can I ask what medications you go on after an IPL treatment.


                • In terms of medications, I'm not sure if its teh same for everyone. But I was prescribed Durezol for 3 days after IPL, Xibrom for a month, and Azasite for 10 days before the next IPL session. I've been on the same regimen for two IPL sessions now.


                  • These are all drops I've used before seeing Dr. Toyos, and they did not help at all. And so far they are not helping now even combined with IPL....I am holding on to the hope that I am one of those patients that just react a bit slower...


                    • HI All- Just an update- I am one of those patients who took a bit longer to make progress (I had the condition untreated for years).....While I still have some uncomfortableness with my left eye at times, the right is almost perfect and I believe that the left will get there as it is making constant progress. Over time, my secretions have gone from almost all glands closed, then toothpaste and crystallized to pretty darn close to normal.


                      • That's praise indeed Autumn.

                        So nice to read such a positive post.


                        • Autumnn, you mention that you were treated for over a year. How many IPL sessions did you have? When were you sure it was helping? I have had 4 IPL sessions with Dr. Toyos in span of about 9 months. Sometimes I think it may have helped a little but other times I don't think so at all. I'm leaning toward not going back but I would really like to understand more about your experience if you don't mind. Hopefully I could make a better decision that way.


                          • I have went to 4 treatments with ITL with Dr. Toyos, I believe my eyes are whiter , but they still hurt alot, I do not know if I will go back for a 5 th treatement or not. If anyone has any queations about it email me and I will discuss it with you, Toby


                            • Dear All,

                              Three different ophthalmologists diagnosed me with Blepharitis and prescribed the usual treatment regimen including eyelid scrubs, steroid drops, etc.

                              Unfortunately, it only got worse over the years. My eyes were always red - my co-workers probably thought I was drinking or smoking (I wasn’t). Dark bags under my eyes made me look 20 years older than I was, it was terrible.

                              After suffering for five years I decided to read everything that I could find on Blepharitis and found two guides that changed my life! The first was an ebook written by Dr. Banerji called “How to treat Blepharitis & Eye Allergies and live symptom free”. I found it at The second was written by Dr. Latkany on dry eyes.

                              After reading these two books, I actually made an appointment in NYC to see Dr. Latkany. It turns out that while my symptoms were that of Blepharitis, eye allergies was the primary cause and was contributing to my problem. I then tackled my eye allergies with the help of an allergist and an allergy shot regimen, and after six months am finally living symptom free!

                              I think comprehensive guides like these will help those considering IPL and other procedures and treatments.

                              I truly wish the same relief for everyone that reads this posting.
                              Blessings to all,
                              Christine A, Florida.


                              • Veins around inner lid margin most likely lid wiper epetheliopathy