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Nervous for appointment?

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  • Nervous for appointment?

    Hi all! I have posted a lot, but been busy recently. I am back on sertraline, I was just wondering is it normal to be nervous for my next appointment? My last one was in august, then 3 months later and I go on the 8th nov. My TBUT is 4 seconds, but the last 3 & 4 appointment he told me my eyes are improving. I am hoping for 2-4 seconds improvement from my first appointment in may. That's 6 months later... Is that TOO much to hope for? I take fish oil, warm compress 1x per week, allergy eye drops, I have been going back on caffeine I have no energy and I'm pretty tired. I hope, my TBUT is at 6-8 seconds. I would CRY, so much if I could have this, recently... my eyes have been blurring. At times, I don't know if this means a thicker oil layer???, it happened earlier today a few times. I could see clearly aswell. I've been blinking more. I have mild mgd but it feels horrible. Sorry for a depressive post. I'm struggling to cope. I am getting help I need. I am going to apply for uni, my friend says she doesn't notice... but I notice and it makes me feel embarssed. Like, I'm ugly. I am improving. But, I'm obsessing over how MUCH, have I improved. It's getting me down. Any thoughts or help please? My eyes don't hurt, itch as much. Hardly any symptoms apart from blurring and redness. I don't wear make up. I try and balance caffeine and water. Thanks for any thoughts or anything... It's hard for me to act happy when I'm not.

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    I've got my next appointment tomorrow so I know exactly how you feel. It is natural to be nervous, after all you don't know what they will say or what news you are going to get. Even if you expect good news, it is still nerve-wracking.

    The good thing is you are improving, and as you said, your eyes don't hurt as much. Just give it time. I know it sounds horrible, but unfortunately it is the only thing you can do. Eyes don't heal overnight.


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      Exactly, you hit it right there. Even if it is good news, don't worry about sounding horrible with that advice. I'm use to it now. I just hope ive improved more, its because my redness has gotten worse but I know regardless if its lower than 10, your eyes will be red regardless. I know, they don't heal overnight, I've learned that the hard way, nearly 2 years for me, it's just I never thought id ever improve. I just don't know how much higher my TBUT has went up by, as I stated I hope for 2-4 seconds but don't know if that's a bit much. I hope you get good news on your appointment! Your comment helps me, keep in mind that fact.