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Looking for dry eye syndrome ophthalmologist in Singapore

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  • Looking for dry eye syndrome ophthalmologist in Singapore

    Hi, I am a caregiver for someone with dry eye syndrome in Singapore.

    I am looking for a doctor in private practice who treats chronic dry eye syndrome for affordable rate for a senior citizen with limited means.

    She stays in the east side of Singapore.

    Would be great to hear feedback about eye doctors in private practice treating this chronic ailment.

    The government clinics in Singapore have scheduled 3 months' to a years' wait in between visits.

    That's a long time, especially if the eye drops are costly.

    For dry eye syndrome sufferers who gets the inflammation suddenly, an alternative would be to make emergency visits
    where she will only get a different doctor each time to get treated on her symptoms.

    I would like my friend to get follow up with just one experienced eye doctor that she can go to see whenever she get intolerable eye inflammation which happens in 3-4 months' frequency.

    Hopefully, with an established relationship with the same eye doctor, together they can figure out how to reduce the frequency of her eye inflammation.

    Thanks in advance.

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    hello! Have you found a doctor ever since? I am thinking of hopping to Singapore for help as well! Would really appreciate if you can share some experience!


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      So sorry to hear that.

      Yes, my friend is healed! More than a year now, the blepharitis hasn't come back. Also after the end of treatment, she is advised to wash her eyelids nightly as she takes a shower. I believe a regular regimen helps in staving eye problem. A cheap way will be to use Johnson shampoo, wet a little to create a bit of foam and clean the rim and then wash off.

      Dry Eye treatment History:

      Ophthalmologist Doctor 1 says she has to lived with dry eyes and prescribed steriod eyedrops forever.

      She had Filamentary keratitis(eye scan) - Ophthalmologist Doctor 2 recommended this only: N-acetylcysteine solution 5% for relief - expensive 2 weeks 3 times daily, freshly made costs S$200 supply, she tried for a month of that and didn't help.

      Doctor 3 - cured : Restasis which is a course of antibiotics for the eyes. 2 weeks between 2 visits and last visit 1 month later. So it took about 2 months. Thank you. We are grateful to this Doctor.
      Good luck!


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        Oh that's amazing! I am glad for your friend! I am actually trying out Restasis as well. But I would like a double check in Singapore to make sure all I have is just dry eye or something else...Plus, I want to know what caused my dry eyes in the first place (I am expecting the doctor will perform some tests on me rather than just regular slit lamp examination or Schirmer test - did you friend have tear lab done?) Do you have any suggestion of hospital/doctor I should visit?

        Some friends suggests that I visit the public hospital instead of private one due to cost, what do you think? any pros/cons?
        Thank you for your valuable information!!


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          Dear ok45sg,

          As I am going to Singapore this August, I would like to meet up with some doctors there that people have been suggested me and I very much would like to visit the doctor that helped your friend! I understand that some treatment as well as doctor might work for some people and some don't, but some clues helps as I am completely clueless about Singapore!

          If you don't mind,please share your doctor's contact. Any tip to survive healthcare system in Singapore would be much appreciated as well!

          Thanks so much!