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    Hi all, just been to the RAH and basically got no where, i have allergies that effect my eyes no idea what they are, got more eye drops and was hoping to go away from that. My college finally knows and were very helpful to me about this, i do warm compresses/drops/take an antihistamine a day, going to a private place soon Peter ivins, heard it's quite good, going on wednesday at half 2, ive completely lost hope i guess. I dunno what else to do until my appointment, they do inflammdry so im going to ask about that and hope i get some more hope for them there. I'm completely lost hope, i hate the dryness and try to make it better but nothing. Id like to try serum eye drops/cyclosporine or something that may help. They (RAH) knows about my referral and told me i had to wait, i was basically a problem for them as the woman didnt see it as an A&E appointment. Help please? Eye drops do not work! I cant use allergy eye drops due to Benzium as most all know, it is harmful to the eye. One of my lecturer's said i should tell my gp to see if they can hurry it up. I'm nervous/excited about this place, i would like some relief, i know i have allergies that effect my oil glands and im sure my tear glands are inflamed due to when i tried theralife it worked then my body became use to it. What can i do? :/ I'm so tired of it, the only good time is when im sleeping. I've tried eye drops/gels/oil based eye drops. Still no relief due to how bad my eyes are. What is there i can do for myself? I've lost hope. When i do research about inflammation it seems the USA is getting all the research and nothing is being done in the UK!!! It makes me so angry, why isnt anything being done? I really dont know what to do. My eyes do reflex tears but that isnt good enough i guess? One of my lecturers said about a gel which is quite good, but i kinda wanted away from that. My eyes are quite red, and i get pain behind my eyes that is so severe i cry. It happened yesterday coming off the bus, it hurt so much i cried. I'm so fed up, no idea what to do, can anyone help me? or at least give me some hope about this in the UK.

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      It stops me sneezing sometimes.., I've Noticed I still sneeze in the house.i dunno if it's any use me knowing which allergan I'm allergic to. All I know is it's an allergy effecting my oil glands. I think it's dust? My house isn't exactly clean.