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My eye - irritation / "menthol-sensation" / burning / pain / redness story

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  • My eye - irritation / "menthol-sensation" / burning / pain / redness story

    Hello guys. After weeks following the forum i am now sharing my story.

    I guess all of us think our story is different and particular but what triggered my eyes present condition is really awkward and i am feeling really lost.

    I am 21, male, from Portugal and before 3 months ago i had never had eye symptoms. On February 2nd, 2017 I had shoulder surgery, with regional and general anesthesia (which i guess screwed me?). So, here i go:

    6/7 days after the surgery i suddenly felt my Right eye weird - my first symptons felt like some sort of misalignment between the eyes (i could not watch TV, read or write properly) and together wih that came a bit of dryness (woke up 2 or 3 nights with heavy upper eyelid), big sensitivity to day light and an unjustified eye tiredness (an "eye-headache" would start after 5 minutes wathching TV). I basically stopped doing everything at that point and just watched days go by with no improvals - my primary symptom was that kind of "eye-headache" pain located in the Right eye.

    After some ophtalmogists and some number of lubricant and cortisone drops, my eye didn't seem to improve much (just reduced a bit of pain). I went back to work a month after and couldn't concentrate or work normally due to eye pain. My Right eye was affecting me so much and i was clueless.

    A month and a half since day 1 my Right eye apparently started getting better, but together with that arrived Left eye pain. Well... It was a different sensation. On the Left eye it started as that "menthol-sensation" (which occurs if I'm in a warm room too, i just need to have the eye open) accompanied by irritation and burning sensation (when i work on computer the burning is worse and eyes become red - but i feel like the pain is only on the Left). My eye has to be shut to be freakin normal and i have to suffer so much to keep it open all day.. The thing is i don't need to do specific things in order to feel this eye pain. If i simply wake up and go to the restaurant i will feel this menthol-sensation with burning and pain - with bright light or not, it doesn't matter. As of today, i have the same Left eye symptons and Right eye seems normal...

    Other symptoms: when i need to think more at work, the pain worsens; i don't feel sleepy / normal tired and heavy eyes anymore (since beggining of this condition) despite having like 95% of bad sleep nights (very light sleep condition); i can't watch TV / be in the computer / phone without some sort of eye pain.

    Ophtalmogists don't seem to have the answers and basic tests came out normal. I really don't know what to think anymore. I swear i am the calmest i can be. It is unbelievable how debilitating this condition can be, how it interferes with our hapiness and how others simply don't understand the symptoms. ( I think it is not acquos production problem because i wake up with 'rheum' in each eye). Maybe MGD what's going on?

    Does any of you identfies with my condition? Please guys share your thoughts.
    Thanks for reading,


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    March 30th I have had burning and pain in both eyes been to 7 different eye doctors and every one said little dry eye eyes are good they all say you do not get pain and burning from dry yes well I have had this for a year and no one can help me I have the menthol feeling in both eyes and pain in right eye.the pain is in the corners of the the eyes and they throb.Been on the restasis and Xiirda lotemax all made the eyes burn and pain more did not help.Dry eye doctor said minimal dry eye and rocecia but cornea is okay and eyes normal just use articicial tears they help for 15 min a little.Now the doctor said you are having trigeminal neruopathic pain from the eyeNow see the neruo Doctor he puts me on Lyrica the pain a little better but the eyes still burn. Went to another eye doctor he said you have a little dry eye put Xiidra in and serum drops Put the Xiirda in and 4 drops eyes are really burning and pain in the right eye can't stan the pain and the menthol feeling all around the eyes is very pain full.We have tried going to the hospital but they can not help me I pray every night for some one to help me very sad to live like this and no one can help a person with this in the eyes


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      Has a doctor flipped your eyelid to see behind the upper eyelid?


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        Hi Andre and welcome!

        It's a hard place to be - yes, people (including doctors) will not understand unless they've experienced it themselves. It sounds so minor and yet it can be life-changing! You're definitely not alone, this happens to a lot of people. It takes time to get the information and care we need.

        Interesting, I just spoke with someone yesterday who had a sudden onset of dry eye after a surgery with general anaesthesia (she had a tough recovery from the anaesthesia).

        Symptoms, and triggers, vary a LOT for people with dry eye - that's normal. I think that some good things to focus on are:
        a) Effective ways to get some of the symptoms under control while you're sorting things out
        b) Getting better diagnosis.

        Originally posted by agrlds View Post

        Ophtalmogists don't seem to have the answers and basic tests came out normal.
        Can you please give more detail about that? A lot of people don't get properly diagnosed at first. Some things I would ask specifically:
        - How is my aqueous tear production?
        - Are there signs of inflammation?
        - How is my tear break-up time?
        - How do my meibomian glands look? Any blockage? Are they producing enough oil and is it good quality?
        - How is my blink? Do I blink well enough and frequently enough?
        Rebecca Petris
        The Dry Eye Foundation