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Starbursts during the DAY! Help!

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  • Starbursts during the DAY! Help!

    I've posted about this before but forgot to stress one point, my visual symptoms are not only at night but also during the day! Hence nothing to do with pupil size.
    When I look at bright car lights during the day, I will see a huge but thin starbursts surrounding it. This happens when my pupil is at its smallest.

    To recap, I had lasik done a year ago, enjoyed perfect vision for the first 3 months, then night time starbusrts showed up at the 3 month mark and day time ones appeared near the 6 month mark.
    This happened at the same time I started to experience major dryness discomfort (since 3rd month mark), but my doc says he sees no dry spots somehow.... (also my eyes have never really been red).

    Fast forward to today (12 months post op), I am on Restasis + warm compress + fish oil 3x a day for 2 months now with no improvement in the visual symptoms.

    I also have air bubble popping in my eye lids when I blink sometimes, which instantly go away when I use Hylo drops.

    My doc said I have some aberrations when he performed a (I think) wavefront test, but given that my eyes feel dry I feel this could influence the wavefront results.

    Please help.

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    How are you now? Same issue xx


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      Well just found out what is wrong yesterday with my vision. Irregular healing led to an irregular curvature of the cornea. So I need to retreat on the surface of the cornea so fix the curvature.
      Irregular healing is just a risk of Lasik. To get a cue, if yo use a gel drop and it help your symptoms for a few seconds (hence ******g the irregular curvature), this might be your issue too.

      Key is finding a Dr that wishes to help you out, as many dismiss our cases because they don't want to be bothered.

      As for dry eyes, placenta based drops are the best. See Regener Eyes or Prokera.


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        So what’s your next step of treatment? Have they improved?


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          Hi Phenix01, are you seeking a retreatment for this? Have you considered a second opinoin? (There are other potential explanations, like cataracts for example.)
          Rebecca Petris
          The Dry Eye Foundation