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  • Regener-Eyes

    Hello, I would like to ask about your opinion on Regener-Eyes. I would like to try this medication as the doctor thinks that my problems are caused by a few factors: mild mgd and corneal neuropathic pain. However, I found out that Regener-Eyes is not allowed in Canada. On the website of Health Canada it is said that
    "Health Canada is advising Canadians not to use the unauthorized biologic eye drops Regener-Eyes Ophthalmic Solution and Regener-Eyes Ophthalmic Solution Lite, which claim to contain human placenta materials. Health Canada has not authorized any health product containing human placenta in Canada and they may pose serious health risks.
    Human placenta is a biologic material and can contain infectious agents such as bacteria (e.g. Group B Streptococcus) and viruses (e.g. HIV or hepatitis)."
    I know that Canada seem to put this warning on other products that contain placenta. Do you really think this product is dangerous? Is there science that proves that this product is safe? I know there are many articles on the website of Regener-Eyes but I don't think that is a trustable source. Thank you!

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    i would also like to explore the option of this, please let me know the further availability and progression for this..


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      i used the pro strength for 4 months, dont believe it helped my severe mgd sadly. I'll have to keep doing combined probing and ipl periodically however my lower glands are so truncated, im very symptomatic and my NI BUT is 6 seconds.

      I hope the Azura AZR ointment comes out next year, as it promotes lipogenesis - increased meibum output !!!

      I also have cn pain but that is due to severe mgd. Regener Eyes has not helped this.

      MGD is complex and is multi factorial. Regener Eyes can work on some types of mgd


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        I have MGD and neuropathic pain. Regener-eyes is one of many things I've tried (you have to keep trying things). I used 3 bottles of the Lite version and 1 bottle of the Pro version before discontinuing. It was very irritating to my eyes. I had to put in lubricating drops first, just to tolerate it. I pushed through, because I was desperate and hopeful. The company claimed only severe cases seemed to be irritated upon instilling the drops. I did not see the benefit so I stopped using the product.