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  • First fitting next week

    So after trialing punctual plugs and IPL. But cannot get ipl again until covid is under control. I bit the bullet and went somewhere else felt like my eyes were worse than usual, low tbut. No scarring. Thankfully! Was given sample drops and a prescription for the same ingredient allergy drop I already have... I did say today about it but I think it was hard for them to hear me due to the mask or didnt know the ingredient but anyway! I'm off for my first fitting next week and I'm excited. It's cheaper than my usual place. In March I noticed things getting worse again and i was panicky for another appointment to be in July, went to another place got the usual tests, and a scan of my tear film and also my scanning of my cornea which has been sent away and awaiting a new phone call next week for the fitting. I'm genuinely excited like its Christmas! If I can tolerate the lenses and take care of them, I can resume to some sort of normality and stop worrying so much about my eyes. The dryness has been the worst issue so next week getting fitted and taught about how to take care of them. Before I left I asked, what if my allergy is still present? Can I wear the lenses still? I was told the lenses act as a barrier. So I'd like to hope this barrier would reduce the reaction. I'm thankful for mainly hokucat recommending me them. I did a year at uni with severe dry eyes and lack of symptoms hence why I havent posted in a long while. But it feels like Christmas has came early for me . Last year things went so well so I didnt trial the lenses and IPL made my tbut go up to 7 seconds but still not the 10. I did want to go back to my usual place in March but covid hit and I panicked wondering how to cope. I hope this is my coping mechanism. I might never have white eyes again, but if I can get comfort and some sort of my life back without the worry- I'll be just as happy!

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    That’s exciting you are finally going to try sclerals. Hopefully you are going to a scleral specialist who has extensive experience and expertise fitting the lenses, as that can make a difference in your success being able to wear the lenses and the comfort level. Also, most scleral specialists use several different standard size lenses to find the one that best fits the patient, but sometimes a patient cannot tolerate these standard lenses so a customized lens, like the EyePrintPro where they take a mold of your eyeball from which to make the lens, can be better tolerated. Just something to keep in mind.

    There are varying degrees of relief that sclerals help. Just know it might not be THE solution, but certainly can be a key contributor to a combo of things that help give you some relief.

    Good luck with your fittings, and let us know how it goes!


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      Hi hokucat, I know it might not be the full solution but if it can resolve the dryness and give me comfort it's a goal I'm happy with along with other measurements in place. The person who is fitting me has a special machine that maps out my cornea the ones he recommended for me was corneo lenses. I hope tommotow he maybe phones me, I've been waiting Monday and today. I'm hopeful since nothing else gives me relief. I'll update on here how it goes, I did question them on mini sclerals but was told in his view it's the most up for date they do (corneo). It was the medmont used, not going to lie it did hurt when I was getting scanned for it when it went on my eye. He told me after it, my eyes arent the worst yet arent the best... cant pursue ipl so I'm hopeful this might do something for me! Nice to hear your reply back. I'm just excited after punctual plugs didnt make much of a difference and then IPL made an improvement but nothing much was felt and no maintence was discussed... despite I asked about maybe a 4th session instead of 3 was told my glands were ok. Hopeful tommotow I may get w phone call! I'm excited to try them as not much else has worked out for me currently. Which sucks, but I hope despite the allergies I can still wear them. Seen many others on scleral lens forums on fb managing so hoping I can too. Thanks again for your responce, I felt sad because I thought I wouldnt be fit until December (another optremist told me this). If they work for me, it's cheaper than my regular place and itll be on monthly payments for the saline cleaning and extra I assume. Hope you ate doing well.