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  • Nimmykins
    started a topic New with ABMD and erosion

    New with ABMD and erosion

    Hi, I've been recently diagnosed with ABMD after extensive treatment for a corneal erosion.

    I've had dry, itchy eyes for about 13-14 years, and earlier this year began experiencing seering pain in my right eye.
    In June I developed a corneal erosion, although I think it had been...
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  • ABMD(map-dot-fingerprint), tear duct failure, BFS scleral lenses user.


    Rhoda in Boston, map-dot-fingerprint (severe), complete tear duct failure, multiple (good) PTK (laser) erosion repairs, BFS scleral lens user with much improvement. Happy to share info, was misdiagnosed until 5 years ago at major eye hospital, know some about good care versus poor....
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  • batwell
    started a topic Batwell's Story - Part 1.

    Batwell's Story - Part 1.

    About 6 to 8 years ago (in my mid-fifties) I awoke one morning with a very painful foriegn body sensation in my right eye. I rinsed it out and rinsed it out and rinsed it out but it only felt worse. After a few hours though it subsided and I thought, WOW, I hope I never experience that again! Well,...
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  • Muro 128 - Drops vs. Ointment?

    I am using Muro 128 5% drops a couple of times a day for ABMD/RCEs but I noticed that in a couple of places the ointment was recommended as the preferred treatment. However, Rebecca's comments on ointments and some past unpleasent experiences have left me sceptical.

    So, some questions:...
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  • ABMD treatments

    Wow it's lonely in this topic but I know I'm not the only one!

    I've been having erosions from childhood but only recently found out it is ABMD. When I was a kid the doctor said it was a mild eye infection so gave me Goldeneye and that's what I used for years every time it happened....
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  • Lucy
    started a topic My corneal scraping aka debridement

    My corneal scraping aka debridement

    For two weeks I've worn a bandage soft lens and taken Zymar drops 4 x day to prevent infection. Doc and I experimenting to see if we can do something to smooth my cornea. Problematic since lasik 7 1/2 years ago. Have also had a corneal ulcer in that eye and cataract surgery. Extremely dry from lasik...
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  • liz56
    started a topic New Member: EBMD

    New Member: EBMD


    Thanks to Rebecca for creating a well-rounded environment for helping people with a range of eye problems.

    I was referred to Rebecca by a kind doctor, whom I cold called and who referred me here for more help. I have a good and caring ophthalmologist and a hurried cornea...
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