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Hormones and recurrent corneal erosions

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  • Hormones and recurrent corneal erosions

    I don't think I have dry eyes which I know can be affected by hormones, but there seems to be definite pattern in the recurrence of my erosions.

    I've had 7 erosions since December, that should be enough for it to be statistically meaningful. The number of days between episodes has been as follows:


    I'm no maths genius, but that seems to suggest that I have a 'danger period' of 9 days which occurs in 23/24 day cycles. Hmmmmmmmmmm. In the past 6 months I've managed to have an erosion during every 9 day danger window except one.

    In practical terms, I think this means I will competely cut out caffeine and alcohol and take special care during the 9 day danger window.

    Anyone have any support for this hormone related RCE theory?

    (Aside - yes I suppose this is related to a menstrual cycle but without going into too much unwanted detail, the contraception I use means that I don't have a normal menstrual cycle. When I did, it was 24 days)

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    You are not alone, Mcgoldilocks!

    We discussed this a few times, and Rebecca posted a great article about it, too:



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      Have you come across this article on corneal thickness and the menstrual cycle? It says "rises in estrogen are accompanied by increases in corneal thickness."

      However, I've spent most of the day puzzling it over adn I don't think I'm up to detangling the web of conflicting evidence saying you get more dehydrated before/during/after your period, whether it's oestrogen or progestogen, luteal phase or follicular phase.

      I can't even spell most of these words.

      There seems to be a pattern and that is useful to know.


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        Maybe I should start recording colour of socks/planetary alignment/number of butterflies flapping wings in my direction to see if there are any more exciting correlations to show the doctor.


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          Yes, mine cycle with my menstrual cycle too. I am 52 and in early stages of menopause and have not actually missed a period yet, but according to my doctor I am just on the edge of skipping months now. I wonder if anyone feels better AFTER their periods stop?


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