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antidepressent that doesnt dry out eyes/mouth or cause weight gain

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    Neilw, That's very good advice to help with not sleeping. For years I woke up worrying, going on the computer, and those have not been useful hours for thinking. Audiobooks would've been better during the night because the sleep was more important.

    Tiera and anyone on high-dose oral meds. Just for general info, if anyone gets eye symptoms with head pain that you suspect may not be dry eye - like peripheral vision wavering, flashing lights, central grey dots, temporary visual obscurations (eg like camera-shutter) - get checked for intracranial hypertension secondary to the oral meds (see US FDA on the med for side effects). The first step, they should rule out obvious causes with scans, then neuro-ophthalmology assess and monitor the optic nerves including doing a retina exam for papilloedema on the optic nerve heads (a good optometrist would recognise this). There's increased incidence of idiopathic intracranial hypertension with weight gain too but it's not often recognised straight away (see US (IHRF) Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation or IIH UK).

    It's important to list all oral meds to eye docs and keeping a detailed Headache Diary (scored 1-10, plus a small diagram of head where pain is) so they can monitor with visual field checks and retina exam in the Eye Clinics while they're doing the anterior segment stuff.

    ColinP, Good to hear you're doing so well.

    Tiera, Can they adjust your meds to improve on the dry eye? Have you got ophthalmologist?
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      Upon leaving hospital after 7 weeks in my case, over here you get home visits still, to discuss matters and anything else untill you feel confident to be 'home alone'..
      Anyhow, the chap i used to see was on some form of medication for i think it was a liver complaint? and he was getting dry-eye grittiness as a result, it would not have been to bad otherwise he would stop the meds for sure!. The point i am making is, anyone could be on any medication for anything?? and get dryness of the eyes? or maybe an increased heart rate? over heating perhaps? a feeling of sickness? we are all different in that an ingrediant may not agree with someone and react by causing x,x or x. You wont make a new medical phenomenam and inform your doctor that "my meds are making me write poetry or chew my foot?" your doctor will have heard of it before, and simply try another brand. You can't give-up straight away, or not even start because 'just incase'??.. Me myself was prescribed codine, prescription only-strong pain killers within an hour of taking; hello!! these are increasing my dryness! (didn't cause pain, just noticable dryness) tried again the next day, and sure enough it was the codine tablets, so stopped taking them, Codine DID!... Venlaflaxine DIDN'T!.... You may get dryness the other way round? you may get dryness from both ?? or none??... Glaucoma i recall is listed as a possible side effect on my instructions- meaning that a percentage of takers have reported this as a reaction..


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        hey collin.. all painkillers like vicodin etc dry my eyes so bad!!! omg...


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          Originally posted by jenny2008 View Post
          doc prescribed wellbutrin 150mg xl. 2nd day-no dryness from it.. will keep posted.

          I had no clue what those stars/tears were? I just added one to Colin because he is funny and always cheers me up!

          How is it going Jenny?...


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            im up to 300mg wellbutrin so far... my eyes bother me most of the time. esp the right one from sjogrens.. not sure if any inc dryness. i dont think so as my mouth isnt any drier... hmmmm