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Newly Diagnosed with Salzmannís Nodular Degeneration

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  • Newly Diagnosed with Salzmannís Nodular Degeneration

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and also newly diagnosed with Salzmann's. Iím a 45 year old woman with glasses for astigmatism and for reading/close work. My ophthalmologist found the Salzmannís during my last routine eye exam. Its early days yet but Iím going back again next week for a checkup. Should I be seeing a specialist and when should I ask for a referral? Iím not even sure if there are specialists in this area. If anyone is familiar with the Greater Toronto Area in Canada and can point me in the right direction Iíd be very grateful! I donít really know what to expect for the futureÖ

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    Hi Rainy,
    Welcome and please feel free to introduce yourself in the "Introduce Yourself" section for new members.
    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Suggest seeking a cornea specialist with an interest in cornea dystrophy/degeneration. I'm stateside so unable to help with a doctor. What kind of symptoms are you having? Is your vision okay or are you experiencing difficulties? Many people with Salzmann's do fine without any need for intervention. If you have gritty foreign object sensation, sometimes preservative-free drops can help. Good to avoid all preservatives in eye drops to avoid more irritation.
    One cautionary note for you (from someone who has learned the hard way ): When / If you require cataract surgery, it is imperative to see a cornea specialist BEFORE you undergo cataract surgery or you risk what is politely known as a "sub-optimal outcome" which may not be correctable. I hope you never need cataract surgery, but if you many years down the road, be very careful about this. I wish someone had given me this advice.
    Best -


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      Thanks Blinks, I'm going to ask about a specialist this week when I see the doctor. I really don't have symptoms yet and my eye doc has only said so far I need periodic check ups. Seems like my Rx for glasses changes every year and I'm wearing progressive lenses full time now. I'm not sure how much has to do with Salzmann's and how much has to do with age