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    Has anyone used plugs in their tear ducts for dry eyes? Seems like an easier way to go than Restasis which I do nightly and are expensive and OTC eye drops which I forget to do. Positive experience or negative or in between ? How was the process of having them put in and could you feel them when they were in? Thanks

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    I used silicone plugs for many years in my lower ducts. Sometimes when a new plug is put in you can feel it for a few days, sometimes you don’t feel anything at all, at least that has been my experience. To plug the lower ducts it usually is a minute or so to slip in each plug, once they have the correct size. The upper ducts take more time and effort (so I hear, I never had uppers). Plugging only the lower ducts, vs. upper and lower, is typical since the lower tear ducts drain most of the tears. When I first got plugged, that first week my eyes were unbelievably moist, but then as time went on it seems my eyes got used to them and were not as moist anymore. I’ve heard that happen with others too, but not always. Also, some people find plugging both their upper and lower ducts at the same time is what works best for them. Then after several years one of the plugs slipped into my tear duct canal and I got a terrible eye infection. Apparently this is one of the main dangers of plugs. I almost had to have major surgery through my nasal passage to remove the lodged plug from my canal. Fortunately my eye doctor was able to flush out the plug with a continuous flow of saline squirted into my tear duct, after much effort. It was VERY uncomfortable.

    After that ordeal, my doctor also took out the silicone plug in my other eye, and said this is why she only recommends dissolvable plugs now. To see if the plugs were still helping with the dryness, I went without plugs for a month and did notice my eyes were a little drier. So my doctor put in dissolvable plugs, and I used dissolvables for ~a year. I have since found other ways to manage my dry eyes, especially through diet and my daily protocol, so I no longer need plugs. I’ve found that often it’s a combination of things to help manage dry eyes, not just one thing, unless you have a very mild condition. Anyways, if you are going to try plugs and use them long term, dissolvables are the safer way to go.


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      Hello Hokucat,

      May I kindly ask you to share diet and daily protocols do you use to manage your condition?

      Thank you in advance!


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        I’ve had the same silicon umbrella type one in each eye for around 10 years now. So if you get the correct size they can stay there for years and are still easily removable. From my experience if the umbrella plugs fall out they are too large and should be sized smaller. I had 3-4 fall out before I found the size that fit best for me.


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          I have punctual plugs since 2020, my eyes are still very dry...I feel like it's not working, but maybe if I removed them it would get even worse!


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            Don't expect that someone, in this forum, will come around saying “yes i put plugs and im totally cured”. Because this kind of people are usually not active in this forum and they dont bother reading posts.
            i put plugs two weeks ago. I immediately felt difference to this day. I use less drops now during the day. It took 2 min to put them in. Doctor has to measure first to provide the right size. It is painless procedure. I dont feel them in at all as they are correct size. Hope it will relieve some of your symptoms, too.


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              Thank you everyone for your replies. I know it’s been a long time. I have just been using the Restasis and going along, but now I’m tired of paying month after month for it, so am thinking about the plugs again, or getting off the Restasis, using OTC, and warm washcloths. I also take fish oil and primrose oil which I think helps. Going to add flaxseed oil to that. Thanks again. I’m squeamish about the plugs, more so after reading about the eye infection and possible surgery above!


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                I haven't personally used plugs for dry eyes, but I've heard positive experiences from others. It seems like a convenient alternative to regular eye drops and Restasis. The process of having them put in is usually straightforward, and many people don't feel any discomfort once they're in place.

                Remember, it's essential to consult with your eye care professional before trying any new treatment. They can provide personalized advice based on your specific needs.

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