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Moisture Chamber Glasses - Which do you recommend?

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  • Moisture Chamber Glasses - Which do you recommend?

    I'd like to know which type of moisture chamber glasses are best for dry eye? My main symptom is a menthol sensation. For me I can describe this as a cold air blowing into my eyes. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?

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    I believe the two most popular are the 7eye and Wiley X. I would recommend that you find an optical office that has them and try on each model to see which fits you best.


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      I use 7eye sunglasses, and just buy Rebecca's Dust Busters for around the house. I have a small face, and they come in different sizes. Neither one makes a complete seal around the eye, so if you are looking for that, those two are not the answer. They are more than adequate for my needs. MGD has a good idea about checking out what is available at the optical office. You can also check out motorcycle shops as lots of bikers wear sealed glasses. The most comfortable glasses I ever owned were Harley Davidson sunglasses. Unfortunately they broke, but everyone thought they looked cool, and they worked very well.