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LipiFlow device - what the????

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    Please go here and scroll down to find my one-month update:

    Please keep all discussion of the topic in the post linked to this one so we don't have two conversations going on the same topic. I'm sure the administrators will love me for this comment!


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      Hi, I was googling and ran into this:

      has anyone tried it? And does it really work?
      How much does it cost?


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      My wife (severe MGD, ocular rosacea) was booked in to have Lipiflow done in Sydney this week. But we wanted to change the date of the procedure to October only to be told she had better have it done by the end of September as the clinic were planning on sending the Lipiflow machine back to the importer then. They only have the machine on a trial basis and are returning it because they are not getting enough customers.

      I believe this is the only place in Australia that currently has a Lipiflow machine so for those who want to have this procedure done here, they had better do so in the next 6 weeks.

      The place that has the Lipiflow machine is The Eye Practice, telephone 02 9290 1899.

      I am hoping that if more people have the procedure done before the end of September, the practice may decide to keep the machine.

      My wife had Lipiflow performed in Abbotsford, Canada in March and although the beneficial effect of it did not last anywhere near as long as had been suggested, there was nonetheless enough improvement that she was hoping to be able to continue to have Lipiflow about 2 to 4 times a year. But if there is nowhere in Australia to have it done this will be very difficult.


      • Rebecca Petris
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        Yikes, sorry to hear this. I hope they end up being able to keep it longer as it has been helpful to your wife!! Thanks for posting.

      • bunnyrabbit123
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        Hello Neil,
        I'm wondering if you have access to IPL treatment. There is a practice here in the US (I haven't been to them) that's doing lipiflow+ 4 ipl treatments. This approach might be something that would work for your wife and help cut the expense a bit as opposed to 2-4 lipiflow treatments a year. Is this something you've considered? I have severe mgd & ocular rosacea myself and know how it compromises your life. I've had good luck with a series of IPl treatments. Best to you both.

      • neilw
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        IPL is not available in Australia but my wife has had laser treatment from a Dermatologist on the rosacea in her cheeks. This is quite recent (5 weeks ago) but we are not able to tell if there has been any beneficial effect on her eyes as she has also had a very bad cold/flu since then which has had a side-effect of reducing the dry eye symptoms. (She was taking prednisolone tablets for the flu and we think these were the main reason her eyes improved - with dry eye it is always difficult to tell what is helping and what makes it worse.)

        But we would be interested to know about this clinic that offers IPL with Lipiflow. Also, if you are happy with your IPL treatment, would you mind telling us where you are having it. We certainly would consider a trip to the USA (or Canada) for treatment.
        Thanks, Neil

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      I'm a 66 yr female who has had 2 corneal transplants, a long list of other surgies and most recently a bilateral pytosis repair which has resulted in dry eye syndrome. I would like to hear from patients that have had the new Lipoflow procedure to help their dry eyes.
      just wanted to add that I've had plugs, currently use Retasis, ointment at nite and drops continuously throughout the day. I recently started to use the hot compressess at night and have noticed a slight change the next day depending what my activity is (computer work changes that). Has anyone who had corneal transplants had Lipoflow and saw success with the procedure.
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        Hi Neat,

        There are a bunch of people who have had LipiFlow treatment. You should search DEZ (search box is top right corner). Use the term "lipiflow". Note: I don't know of anyone who also had corneal transplants though.

        You should also make sure to read (and understand!) TearScience's (maker of LipiView and LipiFlow) labeling and safety rules:

        There was one person (Shanku) who ended up with serious corneal erosions after LipiFlow. Especially with your unique situation, it's best to know all the risks beforehand!

        Good luck,

      • Sammy B.
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        Dear Neat,

        I had Lipiflow and am pleased with it. I have more comfortable days and I had tried most everything up until I received the procedure.

        However it sounds as though the treatments you are currently using are for aqueous deficient dry eyes (where you lack the water component of your tears). Lipiflow is mainly for people who have lipid-deficient dry eyes, or those who lack the oil component of their tears. For instance, my oil glands along my eyelids were clogged, leading to a lack of oil. Plugs and Restasis did not work for me.

        So I would find out if your specific type of dry eye can actually be helped by Lipiflow before investing in it.

        Please feel free to ask any questions,

      • Neat
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        Dear Rose,

        Thank you for your comments. It certainly appears that I need to do a lot more research.

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      I am an ophthalmologist considering offering lipiflow to my patients. I would feel priviledged to have any patients willing to tell me about whether they found relief from this treatment. Please let me know:
      Was the treatment comfortable?

      Was the treatment successful in your opinion? Did it help with some/all of your symptoms? If so, what symptoms improved?

      If you were evaluated for the treatment but chose not to go forward with it, what were your reasons for choosing not to have the treatment?

      Unfortunately, the lipiflow machine is quite expensive to purchase, creating an expensive procedure. If you had the treatment do you feel the price was reasonable for the results? How much did you pay? If too expensive, what price do you think would be reasonable for the treatment?

      I truly appreciate a patient's insight into the work we do. It is all that matters in the doctoring business, and I truly am working hard every day to find out how I can best help dry eye patients.


      • DocwithDryEye
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        Originally posted by angyeo View Post
        i know this thread is about lipiflow, but one thing I think is overlooked with MGD is the fact that demodex brevis mites live in the meibomian gland. i am not sure that something like lipiflow can help treat the mites factor for MGD.

        You are very right that demodex is something that is overlooked. I enjoy reading optometrist and ophthalmic periodicals each month, and the last few months have been PACKED with demodex info. Claridex wipes over the counter seem to work really well for this. You are right that LipiFlow would not and is not meant for demodex infestation. That issue needs to be resolved first.

        Thanks for posting.

      • littlemermaid
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        What are possible side effects of Lotemax?
        What specific side effects are you worried about?

      • akmpt
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        I would suggest Mibo Thermoflow, it works for me, and its actually very comfortable and relaxing.

        they seem to provide alot of information over social media, and are quick to reply.

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      Just came across this clinic that now offers lipiflow in Sydney so thought I'd let others know as I didn't know it was available here until now.


      • littlemermaid
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        ciao, Tornado - if you search 'Stefano Barabino oculista' in Google you will find his research in Italian. He is at the University in Genoa and he is doing international research in dry eye with doctors in US. I hope you can find good eye doctors to help you

      • tornado
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        hello, I'm sorry if I did not answer, but unfortunately I have serious health problems and family, should I switch the barrel of gas to end .. but being a strong man leave these thoughts to others and I fight with my strength, too bad around me unfortunately, and if you do not understand the čpersone more 'close bye products, life with me, unfortunately, did not turn out good, and I all day I have difficulties to overcome, about the doctor that you gave me, I found no mail and I saw that it was in boston and I feel good, and takes care of dry eyes, you know honestly I contacted the occulisti, but no one has ever said, or they tell me to tell me to go to them to shut the lacrimal canals, and put you fare well, and I have to back down, hello soon feel

      • littlemermaid
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        Tornado, I am very sorry this is happening to you. Can you get the help of a doctor for depression? Do the serious health problems cause your dry eyes?

        Do you have punctal plugs to close the canaliculi? My daughter has this and it helps her. Punctal plugs are very easy and cheap.

        I do understand how difficult and expensive it is to find help because we have had similar problems in the UK. We found oculists in the university teaching hospitals who understand the causes of dry eye better than others. This is why I was hoping Stefano Barabino was still in Genoa and you could write to him to ask which doctors to see in Veneto if you are not happy with your doctors.

        These are the professional societies - Societą Oftalmologica Italiana, and Associazione Medici Oculisti Italiani - if you want to ask for a recommendation.

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      About 5 weeks ago, I went to the man who has the lipiflow treatment in my area. I originally went because I wanted lasik. Someone told me this would stop my dry eye problem, so that I could get lasik. I called them up and they quoted me $85.00 office visit, and $800.00 dry eye treatment. I went down there checked my eyes and the nice lady doctor that I saw, I specifically asked her if she thought it would help? I told her that I am only doing this so that I could get lasik. She sent me upstairs to check to see if I would qualify for lasik and then I went back downstairs and had the lipiflow. The lipiflow took 12 minutes, once done, went to make 30 day appointment to come back for check up. The cashier said 1685 and it popped into my mind, that when I called I must have heard wrong and it was 800 per eye. Left unhappy. Went to the 30 day appointment to have them check if it did any good at all, as I didn't notice any difference. After retest the nice doctor lady came in and said one eye was the same and had no change and the second eye showed to be worse than when I came in before lipiflow. I was devastated at dropping $1600.00 for a treatment that did absolutely nothing for me except make it worse. I told the doctor that it just didn't seem fair to keep all my $1,600.00 She said the next step would be restasis. She left to go ask the main doctor (the man)about a deduction in lasik if restasis gets me to the point where I can have lasik. A women walks in and lets call her the cooler. She had all the great comeback reasons why I couldn't get the money back. Lasik was to cost $3,700.00 so I filled my restatis prescription for 30 days and I will be going back to see if it made a difference. I did however go to a different lasik center to get a price and it was 2600.00 I will go back to the man one last time to see if the restasis has helped and if it has I will be going to other guy. I think it is a injustice to get nothing from the lipiflow and they have no compassion on somebody literally throwing away $1,600.00. After research that I didn't do before I now believe that the cause of the dry eye was from as a child taking acutane. It stands to reason that my second test was worse because my lips were dryer than normal. My suggestion would be that if you have ever taken acutane you might want to consider that lipiflow might not fix that. you will need to be able to let the 1600 go down the drain and not care as if you do it will cause nights of lost sleep. the second doctor did say that he would have to try restatis also before i would be able to get lasik. this is what happened to me and it stinks.


      • DCRdryeye
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        Hi flenze, sorry to hear about the lack of results with Lipiflow, but it does seem to be the norm with it. I haven't had it done and fortunately have read about the results of others first. I've spent thousands on dry eye relief, so don't need to throw further money down the drain with Lipiflow.

        I also took Accutane as a teenager. But I don't believe it caused my dry eyes because I was about 17 yrs old when I took it, and dry eyes developed when I was 37...that's a long time between Accutane and dry eyes!! I realize Accutane drys up the moisture producing glands systemically, however, dry eyes would have occured closer to taking the drug. I could blame the dry eyes on several other drugs too, but to pin point which drug it was, we may never know.

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      Im a 25 year old MGD sufferer from Sweden. Im considering undergoing lipiflow treatment for my condition.

      As i understand. Lipiflow in Europe is available in the UK, Germany and France. Does anyone know the price for the treatment? Does the cost differ between the countries?

      Im simply wondering what the best option would be for me to go to.

      Kind Regards


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        Hey all,
        Had a good appointment with my specialist today at unnamed large medical institution in the mid-Atlantic. I like her a lot and have been pretty happy, but no real luck as of yet with symptom relief. My intro post has the full details.

        The doc today, with conviction I have not seen in my year and a half-ish of dry eye treatment, told me that she is almost certain that my meibomian glands are the trouble. I have sufficient wetness, just poor oil, and the glands are putting out toothpasteish stuff. She is confident that my glands are in great shape, not clogged, not atrophied; just not putting out the good stuff.

        Sixish weeks of doxycycline (and two-three months of compresses and the home eye spa a la Dr. Latkany) have not made a difference yet. Based on these facts, the doctor believes I would be an ideal candidate for either IPL or Lipiflow. They don't have either at said large medical institution, so she recommended that I research docs and prices in my area. She has a slight preference for IPL but thinks I am likely to see results with either.

        All that said -- any recommendations for a Lipiflow / IPL doc in Washington, DC, or in the surrounding area? I know some people have not had great experiences, so if there's someone that people trust, I'd welcome it and would travel a bit (Baltimore, even Philly?). (Sorry for not posting this in the "Find a Doc" forum--I searched there and didn't have a ton of luck, and that subtopic seemed pretty dead...)

        Best of luck to everyone out there--hope you all are doing well and keep fighting every day.


        • spmcc
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          Originally posted by LaDiva View Post
          Happy to see IPL provided relief for you spmcc, and wondering if you think there is an advantage to trying both IPL and LipiFlow.
          IPL never helped me. I had 4 treatments but my TBUTs never budged from 6 and my symptoms never improved. That's one reason why I went on to have 2 LipiFlow treatments.

          I also have AD. Usually my Schirmer's are 0 in both eyes... sometimes I'll get up to 2. I have all four puncta cauterized.

          IMO LipiFlow was a better treatment. However, my numbers don't show that (see this post:

          ** Please read the whole thread for people's comments on LipiFlow **.

        • LaDiva
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          Got it spmcc! This is really good stuff. I had come to believe that the big problem is tear production, but wasn't sure since I'd had plugs and was miserable. (...but hadn't had the IPL yet...) Am changing doctors in January, and will ask for cautery. Makes lots of sense and I believe my on-going inflammation is fueled by a cruddy tear film. Thanks for the link. It's a great thread.

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          Thanks again SPMCC--right now my appointment is for a couple of weeks out. I'll be sure to come back with my reactions down the road. Gotta pay it forward!

          I'm pessimistic but having an OD who I trust (and who, based on this board, other patients have had good experience with) referring me to an unaffiliated practice to have this done makes me a tiny bit more hopeful.