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LipiFlow device - what the????

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    I posted a while ago that Lipiflow was avialable in Sydney. That was only a trial and sadly the place that had it (The Eye Practice) has not continued with the machine.
    But there is now a trial in Melbourne with the Melbourne Excimer Laser Group. Apparently this is a practice of 16 ophthalmalogists. I spoke with the technician there and he said they are trialling it for 2 months. He indicated that they would offer it for "cost" price during the trial so perhaps it may be a bit cheaper than the normal high price. (I did not ask what the actual price would be.)
    Their contact details are 160 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne. Tel: +613 9639 4635.


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      I visited a NC group associated with Duke University to investigate if this treatment could help me.

      I was told that after long testing I would be rated as 1 (most treatable) to 10 (impossible to treat due to predominately atrophied malbomian glands). I was rated as 9 to 10. My malbomian glands are pretty much gone. No tear production at all.

      It cost about $3000 per treatment and multiple treatments are required throughout your life.

      It was suggested I go ahead and get the treatment. I was floored.

      Made no sense to me so I decided to wait and see what becomes of this.

      My ophthalmologist has minor dry eye and was considering using the treatment in his practice so he had it done after being rated a 1 or most apt to respond. He noticed no change at all.

      This is an FDA approved treatment but tested only by the company that developed it. No peer reviews that I could find.

      Anyone with info to share?


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        Originally posted by spmcc View Post
        Hi Max,

        There are lots of threads here on LipiFlow. Just search (top right) using the term "lipiflow".

        Here are some peer-reviewed papers on LipiFlow: (2012 - Greiner - LipiFlow - but no LipiView) (2012 - Lane - LipiFlow - but no LipiView) (2011 - Korb - LipiFlow - but no LipiView) (2010 - Korb - LipiFlow - but no LipiView)

        I've had LipiFlow twice and LipiView five times. But I've never heard of the rating system you mention (score 1-10). Can you tell me more about it? Was it based on your LipiView scores (i.e., your lipid layer thicknesses)? What were your measurements?

        I was told the measurement standards were a result of the testing procedure. My rating was 9 to 10. Meaning I was a poor candidate for the treatment. I later asked my regular opthomologist to test my malbomian glands by hand and he said they were predominately atrophied. Nothing left to treat.

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        Well there is only one way to confirm atrophy that is called meibography!!! There are some university that will do this procedure with an Infrared Camera, you will be able to see your meibomian glands if they still do exist. If they do you might wanna consider the Meibomian gland Duct Probing procedure, and then have the lipiflow done once the scar tissue been opened, stuff come out of em and they may produce oils again if you eat that fish oils. Its worth a try...from one Dry eye Veteran to another. If all else fails, I gonna get these Moisture chamber goggles that can make life with dry eye livable. Best of luck

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        Wow I've talked to a lot of doctors about this, hoping there was some way to get them working again. I was never told about meibography. I will do some research but my experience on all levels is that there is no communication and nobody knows nothin'. I'm at the point where depression has lead to disgust and probably a tad bit of repressed anger!


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      Hi all,
      It's been a while and I wanted to share my thoughts about three months after Lipiflow. I had it done at one of the affiliates in the greater DC area. I found the experience with that clinic to be very pleasant, and the doctor seemed "dry eye literate"--she is not my primary dry eye specialist, but she certainly seemed to know all the treatments all of us internet fiends know and have tried, etc. The Lipiview was interesting--it showed dry eye in both my eyes, with the right worse than the left. I'm not sure it told me anything I didn't know before, but it was nice to have things quantified and to see the way my eyes worked. The Lipiflow procedure was relatively painless.

      I would say, three months out: it wasn't a miracle cure and it hasn't reduced my reliance on drops at all. However, I did feel that it relieved some of the pressure in my eyelids. I really noticed a good decrease in my lid pain and inflammation, and the doctor commented on that without prompting at the (free) follow up. Could that be from finally having results in months of good lid hygiene? Maybe.

      I'm likely to try IPL. My local eye doc just told me that the dry eye clinic at Hopkins just got the IPL equipment, which I confirmed--for anyone in the DC area, that's great news.

      Also, for the truly strong prescriptions out there--I spoke to the MEGS people about how high of a prescription the frames can take. The answer is 13.00, with a PD of no greater than 66. I just got mine... the local lab had a bit of trouble with it, but they were able to make it work. Not sure if they'll do for long-term (hopefully I won't need them long term!), but they're certainly a heck of a lot better than the Guard Dogs Over-Rx were for me at -12.25 in both eyes.

      Hang in there, all--keep fighting every day.


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        Undergoing Lipiflow treatment on April 4. I'll report results. Been suffering going on 4 years now. Nothing really working. Hopefully Lipiflow will end this misery. If anyone has any positive results from Lipiflow, please let me know your story. Regards, rppnj


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          Hi everyone, this is my first post here!

          I came across this forum when researching Restasis, because I thought that it would certainly fix my problem, or at least help it, however after doing a little more research, I think Restasis is not actually what I need. Let me explain:

          I'm 21 years old. For as long as I can remember, I've had extremely dry eyes - or, so I thought. See, my eyes water ALL the time. They are EXTREMELY and CHRONICALLY sensitive to any sort of wind, no matter how light the wind is. For example, I cannot walk in grocery stores, malls or airports without looking like I'm crying. I guess it's something to do with the air quality in large open air spaces that affects it so much? Either way, it is so embarrassing and I can't even begin to tell you how this affects my life. It forces me to be anti-social because the embarrassment of having watery eyes is just too much for me to handle, it just always looks like I'm crying.

          Another interesting point to note - and I don't know if it's related - but my watery eye symptoms seem to be exacerbated when I'm nervous. For example, when I answer questions or I am called upon in class at school, somehow that pressure of the whole class looking at me makes my eyes water. Likewise, I experience this when I meet new people too. It's horrible because again, it looks like I'm crying. It also just consumes me in situations like these because I'm not really a nervous person - it's more the thought of the embarrassing watery eyes coming on that makes me nervous and it seems like the more I think of it, the faster and more my eyes water.

          Anyway, I've had contact lenses for ten years. I wear my contacts all day long and I do not follow that "rule" that you have to take them off a few hours before you go to bed for your eyes to breathe. I never have - I don't have time for that and I can't do that. That being said, I have no way of knowing if my watery eyes are also exacerbated by wearing contact lenses, because I never go long periods of time without wearing them (I need them), but it seems likely.
          - That being said, I investigated laser eye surgery as not just a means for having better vision, but also to free myself from contact lenses and the watery eyes that [may] come with them. However, as I'm sure you all know, apparently PRK lasik makes dry eye symptoms even worse, so that option seems unavailable to me now. I do not want to wear glasses and will NOT go back to them. So I'm stuck with contact lenses.

          Moving on: I seem to do a little research on dry eyes every once in a while - I guess because I was going on the logic that my eyes water because I don't have enough tears, so my tears are over producing or something - either way; dry eyes.

          However after doing some research into Restasis and whether or not it would work for me, I asked a few people (not professionals, though) and they said they don't think Restasis will help me. They told me it sounds like I'm having no problem at all producing tears - and that this is what Restasis helps with. They said it sounds like I have Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, where I am making enough tears, but the quality of my tears are so poor that they don't spread well over my eyes and this may be causing my eyes to water, because my bare eyes are exposed to the wind and the elements.

          So that research brought me to LipiFlow. If you don't know what LipiFlow is, see this video here:

          There is a very reputable eye institute where I live (Herzig Eye Institute for anyone from Toronto) and apparently they offer LipiFlow for $800.00. I can't remember where I read this, but I read that this treatment lasts a full year. A FULL YEAR WITHOUT WATERY EYES? HELL, I'D PAY THOUSANDS FOR THAT!!!!! Honestly guys, this may sound pathetic, but my watery eyes inhibit me as a person so much that money is ABSOLUTELY NO OBJECT if there is a way for me to cure this, even if it's for a year; half a year.... a month! I actually talk to people less because I'm scared of my eyes watering infront of them. I hold myself back SO much and so I just do not care how much it costs, I WANT THIS PROBLEM FIXED NOW.

          Do you guys think Lipiflow will work for me? Should I try Restasis instead?

          By the way - I also saw in my research that fish oil/flax seed extracts helps to build good tear film. So, I bought these pills called Thera Tears that are basically fish oils. I've been taking them for about 4 days. So far I don't think I notice a difference at all but I realize it'll probably take a while. But I'm assuming that this is a very minor, very temporary fix, if that, so my focus is on researching Lipiflow and Restasis - but if you have experience with fish oils please let me know if they worked!



          • spmcc
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            I went to Herzig Eye for Lipiflow in July 2012. Dr. Patel is great. If you are determined to get Lipiflow, make an appointment for AN ASSESSMENT only. This will cost around $140-150. Dr. Patel will perform a bunch of tests to tell you if you are even a candidate for it. And FYI Lipiflow costs ~$800 PER EYE (and they do both at one time). Search DEZ for the term "lipiflow" using the search box at the top righthand corner. There are lots of posts/threads on it.

            Your challenges sound similar to mine with facial rosacea (I don't have epiphora). Good luck with everything.

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            Ryan your condition sounds exactly like mine before LASIK surgery. If I were as smart as you and took care of the situation right then, my eyes would have been normal now. Your situation can be fixed. Your self diagnosis is most probably right. Go see a good ophthalmologist. 1) Stop using contacts until you fix MGD 2) Don't even think about Lasik - it wont fix it, it will only aggravate (you wont even have the reflex tearing that you have right now). Your eyes will become bone dry and just burn.

          • ryan12345
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            Hi guys! So sorry for not responding earlier!

            I did read all of your comments and took your advice about seeing my optometrist. I have good news!!

            So, I saw him and I basically told him I'm fed up with this and that I'm not leaving his office until we have a plan to fix it!! He told me that he is a dry eyes patient as well so that made me feel a little bit better although he was definitely not as severe as I am.

            First of all, he did a test for MGD. The test he did involved putting some sort of yellow dye into my eyes. I have to say I was SHOCKED to find out that, according to him, I have "Mild to Moderate MGD". I was shocked, I was like.... no, you can't call THIS moderate or mild lol. Well I didn't say that but I was thinking it :P either way I was really expecting to hear "severe" but I guess I'm happy that I didn't.

            So after that he went over the usual, almost insulting recommendations of using a warm compress etc. I immediately said look, I've been doing my research and I want to try Restasis.

            His opinion of Restasis was a little disconcerting. He was pretty much saying negative things about it, citing its price and also the fact that when it first came out, he was invited to do a clinical 3 month trial (since he has dry eyes too) as something special for optometrists, and he said it didn't help him. I basically said I don't care and that I still want it lol. It was funny because he had never written a prescription for Restasis, and the reason why is because every time he tells patients the price, they say no, so he never ends up writing one. As a result I couldn't get the prescription right away because he didn't even know if he was ALLOWED to give me one! He said my GP might have to prescribe it but that he would find out and call me later in the day. Long story short, he could prescribe it, so he did.

            I also asked him if there is any new "technology" in terms of contact lenses and anything specific for dry eyes. He said no but, he recommended that I switch from 2-week use contact lenses to daily contact lenses. It makes sense, they are so much thinner and since you dispose of them daily, there is no protein build up. He also explained other benefits like not having to deal with putting contacts away, not having to buy solution all the time. I was sold! Even if they didn't help my dry eyes I was kind of thinking, WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS YEARS AGO?! They are a lot more expensive (about $500 for a year supply) but he gave me a 10 day trial supply and I am loving them. They are so much more comfortable because they are so thin and I really think thats helping my dry eyes. I don't know if this is "true", but I imagine it that since its thinner, my tear film has an easier time "coating" it and that there is less of a foreign body sensation so my eyes have better moisture? I dont' know, thats just my thought. So anyway - I am definitely going to switch to these.

            I talked to my pharmacist over the phone and right when I said Restasis she said "these are extremely expensive drops". Apparently my optometrist had put me down for a 60 day supply which was over $300. She said I could instead order a 30 day supply. I'm not covered for these so they cost $145.00. I know this is crazy but I mentioned before that if I find a solution that works, money is no object, if it can fix this problem!

            So let me just say... 5 days in and... I LOVE RESTASIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            First of all, I have absolutely NO side effects that people report in the reviews I read. No burning at all (it feels exactly like regular OTC tears), no blurryness, nothing. I actually was worried the first time I put them in and didn't feel burning - I thought they weren't working!!

            Second of all.. THEY WORK! I have honestly had dramatically better eyes for the past five days. I have been reading reports that it takes 1 month, 3 months, 6 months for people to see the effect but it literally worked by the second day. I can't believe it.

            I was wondering if I was experiencing the "placebo" effect. I mean, I just bought very expensive eye drops and I figured it's a possibility my brain is just tricking me and that's allowing me to control the psychological aspect of dry eyes.

            So today, I put Restasis to the ultimate test and I went to the mall - MY NIGHTMARE OF ALL PLACES FOR MY EYES! The mall is normally the worst - I almost have anxiety walking in the mall because of the thought of my eyes watering and me looking like I'm crying. The fact that several times before I've ran into people I know at the mall, while "crying", doesn't help that anxiety and as a result, running into people I know at the mall was like my worst fear LOL.

            But I went to the mall today and my eyes were GREAT! I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!! I walked around, that gross recycled air was blowing into my eyes, and my eyes weren't watering. I know this is silly but I honestly felt like that was a life changing moment. I'm not kidding, normally when I walk in the mall I pull out my phone so that it gives my eyes something to focus on because literally - my eye balls moving around while walking in the mall just attracts air to more spots on them and makes it worse. I did another test where I kind of just looked all over in the mall and still no watering! They didn't even water when I talked to cashiers (one of the worst scenarios for me since the psychological apsect of worrying I'm looking like I'm crying makes the symptoms even worse). No watery eyes!!!

            In fact, I stopped and sat down in the mall to check my E-mails on my phone and a group of 7 people I knew came up to me. Seriously this would normally kill me. I'd die. Because I'd look like I'm crying! But I had a full conversation with them and my eyes and eye contact were great and it was just awesome.

            Now, I don't give Restasis 100% of the credit because I think it's a combination of three major changes:

            1) Restasis
            2) The fish oil (TheraTears) I have been taking for about 2 weeks
            3) The thinner/daily contact lenses I'm wearing now.
            4) Possibly the placebo effect HOWEVER - quite honestly if this is the case, I don't care. If it means less pyschological stress/anxiety over watery eyes then bring on the placebo!

            I really do believe that Restasis is the major catalyst to all this though. I hope that over the next month or so, my results will be even better. I had heard that Restasis works for only 15% of patients who try it and it appears that I just happen to be in that 15%!!

            PS - regarding the cost. The Restasis viles are resealable, so I'm actually using one vile (meant for one day) over the course of two days, so this supply will last me 60 days for $145.00. And, I could actually go 2.5 and MAYBE 3 days based on the amount that is in each vile (it seems like 8 drops exactly) effectively making the 30 day supply last for 90 days. What are your thoughts on this? I know that Restasis is sterile and I have to be very careful not to contaminate the tip of the vile or the end of the cap.

            SORRY FOR THE LONG POST! But I just wanted to let you all know how HAPPY I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I'm due to have a Lipiview test Tuesday and depending on the results of that Lipiflow afterwards. I've got post-LASIK dry eye with MGD being the culprit apart from that my eyes are in perfect health. I've been researching Lipiflow and haven't seen any negatives on having it done apart from the fact it might not work. Does anyone know if Lipiflow has any drawbacks? Thanks as as always for any answers.


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            I wish you the best of luck robster. i'm going on 16 months post lasik and I get more and more scared as each day goes on. It's funny really, after the surgery I'd look forward to the days, weeks, months and years ahead no matter how painful it was because I was convinced that time would eventually be my savior and heal me. Now, with each passing day I'm more and more scared that things will only get worse as I age.

            I spoke with one of my eye docs about lipiflow and he didn't think it would help me. I hope you find the relief you need and deserve.

            Please keep us all posted on the results.

          • DCRdryeye
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            Robster I've read a lot about Lipiflow. The outcome is that it's too expensive and not effective enough. But if money isn't an issue for you and your curiosity is getting the better of you, then go for it.
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          • Tankie
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            If $1500 is a big deal to you I'd recommend saving your money. Otherwise I agree with what most people on here have said about it giving you a small improvement, maybe 10%. And yes, I've had it done before. If it was cheaper I'd do it again, but not at the cost of $1500. If it was $150 I would be interested.

        • Over the last 4 years if i were to add up the money, time, effort, discomfort, and frustration in treating my Dry Eye, it would seem the hard way with only short term relief. Since i live about 45min south of UCLA, I can get scheduled in about 3 weeks for both the exam and lipiflow for $800 per eye (i would only do the left eye as right not needed). The typical time frame for the treatment to last is about 9 months. I figure if i get just half of that it would be worth it. Below is more info on the institute and the DR that performs it. My understanding is the Lipiflow procedure has been available sinc 2011.

          D. Rex Hamilton, MD, MS, FACS
          Associate Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology
          Director, UCLA Laser Refractive Center

          Ground-breaking Dry Eye Treatment Now Available at the UCLA Laser Refractive Center

          The UCLA Laser Refractive Center at the Jules Stein Eye Institute is proud to be the first eye center in the Western United States to offer the LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System, a revolutionary new treatment for the most common cause of Dry Eye disease. The oily portion of the tear film is essential to prevent evaporation of tears. More than 65% of patients suffering from dry eye complaints (dryness, irritation, light sensitivity, vision fluctuations) have oil deficient dry eye due to obstruction of the oil producing tear glands found in the eyelids. The LipiFlow® treatment is a twelve-minute, in office therapy using a device that comfortably heats and massages the eyelids to remove the obstruction of the oil producing glands. Preliminary studies demonstrate and average duration of symptom relief of 9 months. Contact office # 310-825-2737.


          • spmcc
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            FYI They quote the price per eye, but they won't just do one eye (at least that's what three places have told me).

            I've had LipiFlow twice. You can find tons of posts on it by searching DEZ using the term LipiFlow.

            Good luck.

          • EternalTears
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            thanks. ill keep researching on DEZ. I did ask nurse on phone and they can do one eye only (especially if 2nd eye is functioning fine )

        • Here is a summary of my results and diagnosis for Lipiview prequalification at UCLA Refractive Center today.

          They used a Ocular Surface Interferometer and my left eye ave 35 right eye is 50
          My Evaporation rate is 4 sec (half of what is normal)
          He said 60% of my Meibobian glands are functioning (40% are either blocked or have developed atrophy (shrinkage, decay)
          He checked only my lower lid glands as the upper glands are typically difficult to analyze.
          My symptoms are minor but the pathology of the meibobian glands is minor to moderate
          He did say the quality of my tears were good but the production is low due to atrophy.

          He decided to hold off on any lipiflow procedure and instead prescribed a steroid called Lotemax using it 4x daily for week 1, 3x daily week 2, 2x daily week 3 and once a day week 4. He also wanted me to use Biotears 4x daily, (Im already using Genteal 2x daily for past 3 years)

          I never had need for Lasik’s, contact lens, surgery, probing, IPL. My tear film is very stable.

          The reason Dr is holding off on Lipiflow is due to atrophy of up to 40% of lower meibomian glands, the lipiflow procedure could have just a limited affect. He is open to doing Lipiflow but wanted to try steroid and Biotears first and if it makes a significant difference then lipiflow not needed.

          I mentioned to DR I suspected my dry eye may have been a result of getting 23 treatments of chemo between Oct 2008 and Jan 2009 as my symptoms from dry eye began Mar 2009.
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