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MiBo lid therapy

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  • MiBo lid therapy

    Anyone try this?

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    Hi Patrick.

    I haven't tried it but what I can tell you is that it is just a warm plate that is temperature controlled to 42 degrees C and placed on the outer eyelid. 'Proprietary thermoelectric heat pump' sounds great but it is just another way of obtaining a temperature controlled surface (It's a small peltier element, which is an array of semiconductors used to 'pump' heat from one surface to another - making one side cold and one side hot). It’s a good thing that it is temperature controlled - as opposed to most forms of warm compress, but given it is a small plate I'd expect a lot of what are called edge losses within tissue. Also it doesn't heat from the inside of the eyelid - Tear Science largely own that concept in most countries for the next 15 years. Don't let me discourage you but unfortunately it isn't anything revolutionary.


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      thanks for the reply. I've considered lipiflow but i do my own compresses and expression with silicone tweezers twice a day at home and every day they get clogged and toothpaste like again. I highly doubt lipliflow would last very long for me. thank you though.


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        No problem. I think you are probably right re Lipiflow. I only get about 3 days of real benefit from it. I'm currently doing the same thing, expressing purulent toothpaste like material out of the MG's but with an instrument similar to the mastrota paddle, without heat and only every second day. all the best


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          They actually use a gel to make the heat penetrate to the inside of the eyelid, its a pretty comfortable experience and it works for me.
          Click image for larger version

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            Tried Mi-Bo did not work, three treatments, one meibomian gland, one ! expressed some meibum. Had probing done, expensive, no insurance coverage, about four glands secreted meibum. Improvement of procedure, have noticed no improvement in my symptoms of blurriness and irritation in vision.
            Must have severe case, very difficult to treat. Have also had AMT surgery, now have additional blurriness in lower left quadrant of left treated eye. Difficult reading.