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im using raw honey and im feel better

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    Honey after a week

    After a week, the honey is still giving me good results. I just don't get the dry feeling that I would normally have. It's not perfect though. My eyes can feel somewhat cotaminated after several hours, but I don't have the honey at work so I can wash it off and reapply. But, even if I have to use a few drops to wash things out, I feel much better than without the honey. Right now, I am just rubbing a drop on the lower and top lids. One website said to just rub it on the lower lid, but I didn't have quite the same results with just the lowers. If it is too visible I will just use a wet finger to spread it out. I have ordered Manuka, but it has been delayed, so I am using store bought.

    I have tried doing this with Aloe Vera and it works, but for a much shorter time. Aloe dries up very fast. I have also used eye ointment around the eyes, but this causes blurred vision and a much worse feeling of my eyes being contaminated. So far the honey, still gives the best results.

    I will keep posting updates.


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      Question, I found unpasteurized honey at the grocery store, and decided to buy a jar. Couldn't find a jar with "raw honey" anywhere, but could this be the same thing only with a different designation?

      Oh well, I seem to have found the answer to my own question. Probably gonna try this later today.


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        Woah it seems to make a tremendous difference so far, I almost can't believe it. I can't believe how soothing it is to my eyelids. So far tons of stuff I put in my eyes brought me nothing but trouble, but this seems really different. Not perfect, like I blink a bit more awkwardly due to the sticky nature of it, but we'll take what we can get.

        I hope I can play some games soon, I miss them terribly.


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          Another update... my MG's continue to improve in appearance... My eyes continue to feel better as well. I am still in disbelief to be perfectly honest But hey, something seems to be working finally, so I guess I'll just go with it!
          Yet another post-Lasik (2005)...
          Anyone have a time machine so I can go back and undo this mess?


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            can anyone recap for me please?

            most of you trying this are using manuka honey right? are there different strengths of this kind of honey?

            are you placing the honey on the lids only? top and bottom? and by lids i mean under the lashes or on the margins themselves where the glands are located?

            is the honey diluted or only if you are creating honey drops to place in the eye itself?

            so glad some of you are getting relief!!!!!!



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              about UMF:


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                Okay...its been like a week when a few of tried this

                How is everyone doing? Are your lids a light pink instead of beat red? Did any of you experience your oil glands clearing up? good ? bad? whats up?


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                  I was very excited when I read the posts and found the Manuka Honey Active 16+ at a local health food store.
                  I already applied it to both upper and lower eye lids and ate a teaspoon full as it's supposed to be great for an enery boost.
                  Here's hoping for great results!


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                    It is still fairly good. Nonetheless, I must admit that it seems to be making the irritated blood vessels in my inner eye lids a lot stiffer. This makes it harder than before to read for prolongated periods. My main dry eye problem lies with my irritated/stiff blood vessels which hurt all the time.

                    For the rest I must admit I feel a lot less overall eye pain than before. Most of the time when I look at my inner eyelids they definitely seem paler, including the blood vessels.

                    On Thursday when I put the honey on, when mostening my lids with the water it seems like a little bit of honey slipped into my left inner upper eyelid. The blood vessels located there started to sting a lot and get stiffer, and they still sting a lot although it's not as bad now.

                    I saw a few people commenting on a bit of honey getting in their eyes and that it stung pretty bad at first but then it was OK so that relieves me.

                    When I receive my manuka honey I'll try it as it's supposedly better than regular honey.

                    Did any of you people have problems with irritated blood vessels in your inner eyelids? Did honey truly help in relieving that pain? I suppose it'll take a lot more time to relieve the nerves than it will to bring relief to the skin, and that a gooey solution such as honey will surely make these nerves feel stiffer for a while. I remember having a similar sensation with an eye contour cream in the past, though not as pronounced.


                    • Honey on my lids are working perfectly, BUT my eyes are still RED, not as much as before, but red. BUT the pain is sooo gone, I can see like forever without blinking now, but the appearance is almost the same..

                      So all that remains now is the surgery in Korea, so my eyes get really white!!!
                      The cure: be open minded


                      • just curious...what surgery are you going to have in korea?

                        so glad honey is working for all of you! does anyone feel like ingesting the honey would help also with the inflammation in the eyes and eyelids?


                        • Originally posted by redandsensitive View Post
                          Honey on my lids are working perfectly, BUT my eyes are still RED, not as much as before, but red. BUT the pain is sooo gone, I can see like forever without blinking now, but the appearance is almost the same..

                          So all that remains now is the surgery in Korea, so my eyes get really white!!!
                          So pleased to hear that you don't have as much discomfort. I appreciate that it's your decision but please don't rush into getting the eye whitening done. Who knows, with your eyes being less irritated they may improve on their own. Enjoy being pain free!


                          • I,ve started using Aloe Vera since then to see if it works better for me than honey, and so far I think that it does. It doesn't provide as much instant relief as honey but it's very sweet and soothing and feels much lighter on my lids, and it especially makes the "withdrawal" periods a lot easier to bear.

                            I also discovered that I had never used raw honey to begin with. Unpasteurized honey absolutely isn't the same thing as raw honey and has a whole, whole lot of important elements that are missing. Perhaps then the raw manuka honey will work a lot better for me when I get it.


                            • I've been using aloe vera gel for years. it has been a lifesaver for me. it just cures inflammations so well!
                              I like honey too. I bought this one:
                              But now I don't know if it's the real thing - I mean the raw...?
                              One thing is for sure - I can't leave honey in my eyes overnight. Honey drops work better for me.


                              • the first 2 weeks, my eyes felt great, but then I developed two huge cyst and got swollen, painful eyelids. My lids look like this now:

                                It hurts when I blink. I've had dry eyes for 4 years now, but I got the cysts after I started applying raw honey on my lids.. I haven't used the honey for 2 days now, and the swelling is starting to go down.

                                So be careful!
                                The cure: be open minded