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Should I wean off Artificial Tears

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  • Should I wean off Artificial Tears

    Lasek/PRK 7 months ago, nothing but trouble ever since.

    I'm just wondering...should I try and wean off artificial tears? Could my own tears improve in quality if I used less artificial drops?

    I'm using preservative free drops (systane or blink usually). I've gone from using them every hour to 3-4 times a day. My eyes are very very bloodshot so I'm afraid if I lessen the dose any more that the veins will get worse.

    However, im also wondering if I do lessen the dose I could maybe start producing more of my own tears and then maybe my dry eye would gradually improve? My symptoms are burning and inflammation. Swollen eyelids every morning.

    From my research I think I have evaporative dry eye. The cause seems to be inflammation, which I cant get rid of. I'm getting plugs in December.

    What do you think? Is it too soon to go down to twice a day? I'm still too afraid to not soak my eyes before bed in case I get an RCE (I've gone three months now without one of those).

    Thanks everyone. You're all keeping me sane at the moment!