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MGD and punctal plugs?

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  • MGD and punctal plugs?

    I have MGD and Aqueous Deficiency. I'm considering punctal plugs but I've heard arguments saying that punctal plugs make MGD worse and some saying that it would help me. What do you all think? Any professionals care to give their 2 cents.


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    The truth about professionals

    Professionals don't have plugs stuck into their punctums and don't have dry eyes to know how we feel. Would you rather listen to them, or from REAL people who have been through the the plugs, the drops, the steroids, the lipiflow, the antibiotics, etc? I know who I'd rather listen too. And most ophthalmolologists don't specialize in dry eye. Here is what you might experience if you chose 'any' ophthalmologist - - So please try and find someone who specializes in dry eye almost as their main specialty. Thanks.


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      thank you for the link. I'm sooooo sorry for what you've went through. I've seen 2 eye docs who specializes in dry eye and one recommends capped plugs and the other no plugs at all and to just use artificial tears. I'm thinking of trying the temporary ones for now just to see what happens. I can't imagine the rest of my constantly flooding my eyes with artificial tears. Please keep me updated on how you're doing. You're site is very valuable.